New Marysville code sets limit of six chickens

  • Tue Jun 12th, 2012 7:28pm
  • News

By Amy Daybert Herald Writer

MARYSVILLE — People in the city can now keep up to six hens in their back yards.

The Marysville City Council on Monday night approved changes to the city’s animal code that now sets the maximum number of chickens that can be kept on residential properties that are less than an acre. The ordinance also stipulates that shelters and other enclosures for chickens would need to remain in the back yard, be maintained in good condition and free of bad odors, and be located a minimum of 20 feet from neighboring homes. Roosters are prohibited on lots that are less than an acre.

“For the record I think it’s a pretty good motion,” Councilman Jeff Vaughan said. “There’s one part of it I don’t like … that’s on the number of chickens.”

Before the meeting the city had no limits on how many chickens could be raised in residential neighborhoods.

The only guidelines for chickens before the 4-3 council decision were that pens and coops be kept clean and set back 100 feet from the property lines. The city’s planning commission recommended a maximum of 12 chickens, and that chicken enclosures be set back at least 15 feet from property lines.

Council members Vaughan, Rob Toyer and Donna Wright voted against the amended ordinance, stating that they would prefer allowing a maximum of 12 chickens for residential properties.

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