Vital Statistics

Marriage Licenses


APPLE, Douglas Lee and RUSSELL, Kathrine Ann

ARDEESER, Joseph Thomas and HETTINGER, Kaitlin Christine

BAH, Mamadou Alhaji and SCOTT, Rachel Elizabeth

BARBONTIN, Eric Jay and BURRUS, Kailey Rose

BEVERIDGE, Peter Ian and MILLER, Catherine Frances

BLANCHARD, Joseph Vincent and FALTIN, Kitara Soleil

BOYES, Jason Earl and THOMAS, Erin Michelle

BRYAN, Michael Alexander and HANSON, Ashley Brooke

BUGRIYEV, Andrey and GOKUN, Olga

CABANAYAN, Philip Vengazo and CANTEROS, Jessielyn Corbetas

CHAN, Basilio Eduardo and O’CAMPO, Valerie Kayleen

CHRISTENSEN, Shawn David and RAMSAY, Randi Lynn

CHU, Tony Kwang-Jyn and CHEN, Shuyi

CLARKE, Nathan Anders and VARGAS, Hermelinda

CODDINGTON, Isaac Christopher and ANDERSON, Kirsten Mironda

COLEMAN, Curtis Wayne and HATCHER, Jessica Lynn

COLTON, Adam Michael and KERR, Tiffany Elsie Darlene

DAVIES, Mark Richard and HADEN, Jamie Leigh

DAVIS, Ryan Christopher and LORENZ, Laura Rae

DU BUC, Brad James and HATHAWAY, Kristine Louise

EDIN, Charles David and TRINH, Brianna Ba-Lin

ENGLISH, Steven Earl, II and VAN DYKE, Gloria Rose

EVOLA, Joseph and BAILEY, Leevonne Joyce

FLEURY, Michael James and WESTON, Stephanie Lee

GABA, Ruel Sanidad and DELOS REYES, Justice Maecy Pascua

GALANTI, Mark Irwin and SALINO, Jovie Monoy


GILBERTSON, Jonathan David and KULJIS, Elizabeth Ann


HARN, Curtis Joe, Jr. and WEST, Tiffany Dawn

HELL, Glenn Joseph, Jr. and McMASTER, Rebekah Oann Thelma

HERNANDEZ LEPE, Hector Manuel and SANDOVAL OROZCO, Carmen Aide

HIGGINBOTHAM, Matthew James and WILLIAMS, Paige Sencion

HOBLET, John Lewis and HUDSON, Pauline

KARNAUKHOV, Sergey Yuriyovich and KOZAK, Nataliya Yaroslvaovna

KNAPP, Randall Owen and SCHROETER, Rebekah Michelle

LONG, Keith Eugene and TAFOYA, Marla Kay

LUNDBERG, Andrew John and SLEISTER, Kelsey Layne

MAINE, David Eugene and SESTAK, Carol Sue


MELNICHUK, Vyacheslav Vladimir and PANKOVETS, Lyubov Viktorivna

MOLLESTON, Robert Matthew and HUNTRESS, Sharon René

MORGAN, William Lee and BERRYMAN, Elizabeth Lee

NULL, Robert John and WILSON, Shannon Lynn

PEIFER, Jordan Chak and TOMISSER, Katie Elizabeth

PETERSON, Troy Michael and GROEN SJOUKJE, Mae Catherine

PIERCE, Bryan Casey and CRAWFORD, Jennifer Rae

POWELL, Landon David and CRUZ, Sarai Flores

PRITCHARD, Travis Lee and RICHARDS, Karlyn Tachele Rae

PRUSSEL, Steven Clark and DORMAN, Jamie Patricia

RAEZER, Edgar Thomas, IV and GRAHAM, Kristina Marie

RAMÍREZ, Kevin Anthony and SHARPE, Whitney Jorgensen

REED, Steven Michael and MOSES, Shell Rene

SEEGER, Rory George and PRICE, Marjorie

SEMENYUK, Yuriy Nikolayevich and BARBINA, Olga Vladimirovna

SHANNON, Michael Lee and TYNI, Kristine Elizabeth

SKAGGS, Jerry Allen, II and HOPKINS, Angelea Gail

SMITH, Delmar Lee, Jr. and KULEK, Apryl Michelle

SONG, Daniel Seung-Ho and CHOE, Elizabeth

STRAWN, Corbin Grant and WEEDMAN, Rachel Nicole

VAN DER VOORT, Jan Jiro and SINGLETON, Genessa Rose

WASESCHA, Lamar Sabin and VLASTELICA, Joanne Elizabeth

WELLS, Boyd Cameron and RAY, Leslie Ann

WHITAKER, Michael Jasper and WASSON, Krystal Evonne Maxine

WHITE, Thomas Alvin and EVANS, Lael Catherine

YOUNG, Matthew Gordon and BERNHART, Michele Laura


ANDERSON, Rodney and Vicki

BRENNIS, Mark and PUTNAM, Amanda

CARIKER, Dean and Nina

CEESAY, Ebrima and BUSKE-CEESAY, Stephanie

COHEN, Bryan and Hilary

CONKLIN, Matthew and Danielle

CONSTANT, Bryan and O’BRIEN, Colleen

COVELLO, Michael and Sara

DILLERY, Russell and SULIK, Laura

DOAN, Chi and BUI, Eastern

DUBOSE, Scott and Lenora

EIDBO, Elling and Jessica

ELSBERRY, Earl, II and RHODES, Toshea

EVERETT, Michael and SIIMA, Beatrice

EVERROAD, James, Jr. and Cinthia

FISHER, Donald and Gail

GRIGGS, Lee and Bobbie

GROOMS, Darin and Kathryn

HARBECK, Timothey and Gail

HECHT, Stanley and Toni

HUANG, Jian and WU, Li

HUGHES, Daniel and Julie


JOHNSTON, James and Leticia

LACEY, Michael and BAKKEN, Haley

LANDSVERK, Stephen and Sharie

LEWIS, Brad and Lynn

MALETA, Vasile and Lynn

McCORMICK, Hugh and Kristine

McMILLEN, William and Tessa

MENGISTU, Dagim and AYELE, Kidist

MOSEBAR, Travis and Tammy

NGUYEN, Nhung and FORBES-LUONG, Chuong

NOLLEN, Joshua and Jessica

OCHEL TREE, Aaron and Amber

OLSTAD, Kenneth and Shannon

PAGE, Glen, Jr. and Teresa

PRATT, Tony (aka Glenn) and Anna

RAY, Thomas and Kimberlee

RUTKOWSKI, Corey and Silvia

SADEK, Hazem and RAINEY, Sheila

SKINNER, Justin and SWENSON, Jamie

SORENSON, Edward and Victoria

STUDLEY, Daniel and Lisa

STYLES, Brian and CARL, Bonnie

TEGEGN, Yoseph and BEYENE, Sara

TELLEZ-HERNANDEZ, Margarito and Erica

TOPPING, Hartley and Gretchen

VAN SCYOC, Michael and Elizabeth

WHITAKER, Mathew and Danielle

WISE, Ronald and Debra

ZERAI, Rahwa and TADESE, Mussie

ZIEFLE, Darryl and Angela


Sept. 29: Barnhart, Jeralyn, 69, Marysville

Oct. 3: Sela, Sigvald, 89, Snohomish

Oct. 6: Herbold, Mitsuko, 80, Snohomish

Oct. 6: Rager, Barry, 58, Bothell

Oct. 6: Wicks, John, 79, Edmonds

Oct. 8: Knapton, Richard, 69, Lake Stevens

Oct. 10: Kimp, Lana, 70, Everett

Oct. 11: Bledsoe, Howard, 84, Edmonds

Oct. 11: Jones, Claude, 85, Lynnwood

Oct. 11: Verlinde, David, 55, Lynnwood

Oct. 12: Bergman, Eleanor, 85, Monroe

Oct. 12: Johansen, Jeanette, 73, Lynnwood

Oct. 12: Bringedahl, Scott, 52, Snohomish

Oct. 12: Steckelberg, David, 65, Arlington

Oct. 12: Franklin, W., 89, Bothell

Oct. 12: Nagel, Clara, 103, Edmonds

Oct. 13: Cettolin, Leona, 87, Edmonds

Oct. 13: Carlson, Junice, 91, Edmonds

Oct. 13: Collins, Earl, 40, Everett

Oct. 13: Elsten, Robert, 73, Everett

Oct. 13: Haskins, Enid, 71, Marysville

Oct. 13: Moore Jr., Ernest, 88, Brier

Oct. 13: Taylor, Monty, 67, Snohomish

Oct. 13: Ryan, Hazel, 100, Stanwood

Oct. 14: Carlson, Leila, 91, Monroe

Oct. 14: Allman, Robert, 80, Lynnwood

Oct. 14: Goloborodko, Mikhayl, 84, Everett

Oct. 14: Lagozzino, Jeanne, 89, Lynnwood

Oct. 14: Soboleva, Mariya, 92, Bothell

Oct. 15: Griep, Stephen, 47, Everett

Oct. 15: Lucie, Lucille, 84, Marysville

Oct. 15: McArdle, Margaret, 73, Edmonds

Oct. 15: Mathurin, Dina, 49, Lynnwood

Oct. 15: White, Karma, 75, Arlington

Oct. 15: Wood Jr., Clifford, 69, Lynnwood

Oct. 15: Larson, John, 41, Marysville

Oct. 15: Sailer, David, 59, Lynnwood

Oct. 16: Bender, Richard, 77, Lynnwood

Oct. 16: Bruns, Shirley, 86, Everett

Oct. 16: Hatten, Jack, 70, Lynnwood

Oct. 16: McNamar, Vallen, 51, Lake Stevens

Oct. 16: Ross, Sally, 72, Marysville

Oct. 17: Garcia, Karen, 47, Marysville

Oct. 17: Gronberg, Kenneth, 93, Edmonds

Oct. 17: Polanco, Betty, 80, Everett

Oct. 17: Winters, Deborah, 59, Monroe

Oct. 17: Davis, Michael, 61, Marysville

Oct. 17: Hayrynen, Richard, 48, Marysville

Oct. 17: Heppenstall, Grant, 77, Mill Creek

Oct. 17: Egbert, Randale, 51, Everett

Oct. 17: Tuttle, Ronald, 63, Lynnwood

Oct. 18: Martin, Wendy, 45, Tulalip

Oct. 18: Moses, Raymond, 46, Tulalip

Oct. 18: Aldinger, Lorraine, 81, Snohomish

Oct. 18: Berry, Kathleen, 73, Everett

Oct. 18: Davis, Deanna, 68, Snohomish

Oct. 18: Klinger, David, 64, Stanwood

Oct. 18: Castle, Raymond, 97, Lynnwood

Oct. 18: Chung, Moon, 62, Brier

Oct. 18: Delafleure (aka: delafleur), Paul, 63, Everett

Oct. 18: Maurmann, Patricia, 78, Snohomish

Oct. 18: Swan, Alice, 89, Snohomish

Oct. 19: Freeman, Myrna, 75, Monroe

Oct. 19: Kauffman, Douglas, 62, Lynnwood

Oct. 19: Richardson, Barbara, 87, Mukilteo

Oct. 19: Thompson, Jack, 81, Monroe

Oct. 19: Gray, Phyllis, 85, Mukilteo

Oct. 19: Westmoreland, Charlotte, 90, Everett

Oct. 20: Hefty, Donald, 80, Marysville

Oct. 20: Kabel, Winnie, 89, Arlington

Oct. 20: Osborn, David, 48, Marysville

Oct. 20: Frishinger Jr., Eugene, 57, Everett

Oct. 20: Kazimi, Sediga, 76, Bothell

Oct. 21: Mangulabnan, Isagani, 78, Everett

Oct. 21: Baugher, Jimmy, 47, Monroe

Oct. 22: Mathews, Shirley, 73, Snohomish

Oct. 22: Piotrowski, Victor, 91, Arlington

Oct. 22: Savage, Leanne, 52, Residence Unknown

Oct. 22: Welk, Leon, 85, Marysville

Oct. 23: Campbell, Donald, 85, Snohomish

Oct. 23: Skaggs, Evelyn, 87, Edmonds

More in Local News

Police presence returns to Edmonds School District

Jacob Hubby is set to walk the halls of Meadowdale High School as a school resource officer.

Mukilteo crabber missing; his boat was found at Hat Island

Frank Urbick set out Thursday morning but did not return.

Police looking for leads in case of missing Snohomish man

Henry John Groeneveld, 63, was last seen on Monday, when he said something about going to “the river.”

Separate Everett fires send man to hospital, damage boat

The man was hospitalized for smoke inhalation from the early morning fire.

Suspected escort charged with felony assault, robbery

She allegedly told police she shot the man in the head “because he was performing (a sex act) wrong.”

Lives were on the line

After an estimated 350K emergency calls over 35 years, dispatcher Steve Williams is set to retire.

Celebrating the origins of Christmas

LDS church holds annual nativity festival featuring more than 600 sets.

Drive-by shooting reported in Marysville neighborhood

Police said there was no evidence to indicate it was targeted at a specific person or property.

Trooper’s car struck when he was arresting man for DUI

She drove away but was arrested for investigation of driving under the influence and hit-and-run.

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