Vital Statistics

Marriage licenses

AHERNS, John Matthew and NORRIS, Heather Marie

BESTE, David Raymond and HAYNES, Lynda Jill

BRANTUAS, John Charles and HANKINS, Jennifer Lynn

BRITTON, Richard Eric and BURTON, Sara Ann

CAPPUCCI, Keith Michael and JOHNSEN, Nancy Jo

CARSWELL, John William and DOBBINS, Kathryn Lee

CHHANN, Bunly and CHEA, Rachana Chanda

CHRISTY, Kelly Gene and LYLE, Saundra Leah

COLE, Alex Roy and MOSLEY, Serena Winifred

CURRY, Robert Sterling and PRIOR, Teresa Jo

ERNST, John Joseph and PRANCHANG, Sutasinee

FARO, Zachariah James and GIVENS, Desiree Renee

FISHMAN, Steven David and EMETERIO, Daisy Solano

GEORGE, John Michael and FAWAZ, Danielle Louise

GREWAL, Varinder Singh and KAUR, Amandeep

GROVES, Bradley Lane and REED, Peggy Eileen

HALL, Vernon Ernest and PAULSEN, Ila Miriam

HEWITT, Michael Patrick, Jr. and CHALLUS, Holly Marie

INGALLS, Jeff Lee and KRAING, Teavy

JACKSON, Joshua Michael Perry and BOE, Sarah Marie

JO, Peter Sungsu and HA, Yeonju

JOHNSON, Andrew Michael and SCHAFF, Bonnie Troi

KEYES, Paul James and BERCICH, Adriana Lindley

LOE, Kelley Eugene and CASEY, Rebecca Lynn

MAGALLON, Camacho Flavio and SANCHEZ VILLEGAS, Maria Fabiola

McCHESNEY, Lawrence John and RISDON, Danielle Marie

MENDOZA, Joel and GONZALES, Nellie

MITCHELL, Ryan Douglas and ROBINSON, Cherie Dawn

NGUYEN, Tuan Minh and TRAN, Nhan Thi Bao

OTTO, Kevin Earl and MARCELO, Imee Pacorsa

PAVLUS, Pavlo and BOYKO, Nataliya M.

PILAT, Yuriy Petrovich and BORISHKEVICH, Diana Igorevna

PRJAPATI, Sampurna Hari and SHRESTHA, Nisha Thapa

RAMSEY, Tyler Jordan and PRESTOZA, Armiecosell C.

REISDORPH, Kris Allan and CARSON, Carol Ann

RETEL, Anthony Dayton and BRANHAM, Alexandra Michelle

RINDAHL, Kyle Jay and LILL, Tiffany Brianna

ROBINSON, Darren Michael and FURRY, Loagan Elizabeth

ROSGAARD, David Joseph and GROSS, Lyn Marie

RUSSO, Gustave Paul and WARMAN, Laurie Ann

RUTHERFORD, Scott Brady, Jr. and BISSELL, Lindsey Marie

SIMPSON, James Jose and THOMAS, Kaillee McCall

SMITH, Timothy Michael and SMITH, Jennifer Linnea

STONE, Brannon Jeffrey and SAMAC, Kimberly Ruth

STOREY, Zackary Peter and MALMQUIST, Vanessa Ann

SULYA, Andrew William and CARMICHAEL, Melissa

TRAN, Giau Dang and MEEKS, Jennifer Nicole

VELASCO CERVERA, Erik Eduardo and MONTOYA, Jessica

VENNARD, Kyle Andrew and BAGAN, Brieanna Michelle

WARLICK, Dean Matthew and GRENNAN, Jessica Michelle

WEBER, Tyler Dean and NGUYEN, Yen Thi Hong


BAIRD, David and Britany

BAYLY, Donald and Maureen

BELANGER, Gary and Lisa


BILLERBECK, Shaun and Ronia

BJORNSON, Timbre and Jennifer

BLOOM, Michael and Sara

BUCKLIN, Russel, Jr. and Shelly

BURKE, Robert and Patricia

CALDERON, Victor and Cynthia

CLARK, Kelvin and Deborah

CUNNINGHAM, Daniel and Cariad

DESPANIE, Ashley and Francis

EDWARDS, Myles and Leanne

EIFFERT, Robert and SWETLAND, Carolyn

ERDAHL, Brandon and CRONAUER, Ashlynn

GREENBERG, Benjamin and Takisha

GREENE, Peter and BIALIC, Trudy

HALL, Michael and Stephanie

HERNANDEZ, Florentino and Angela

HIATT, Jason and Teres

JORDAN, Michael and Kellie

KENDRICK, Tom and Jennifer

LECUYER, Derek and LOWELL, Ana

LEIFER, Chaim and Shannon

MAGEE, Harley and MERCER, Kellie

McCORMICK, Robert and Chere

MORRIS, Gary and Brenda

MORRIS, Jason and Crystal

NEWTON, Saint, IV and Karen

NORTHROP, Chad and Haiyan


PELTIER, Thomas and Heidi


PIERCE, Dalt and Dara

RAY, Bryan and Heather

ROBINSON, James and Teresa

ROSE, John and Theresa

SIBLEY, Lance and Amanda

SMITH, Sean and DENOMME, Michelle

SOTO, Edgardo and Elena


VILLAFANE, Hyun and DUENAS, Efren Guadalupe

WARD, Michael and Catherine

WILSON, James and Jennifer

YAGI, Wayne and Mei

YOUNG, Daniel and Melanie


May 2: Salley, Steven, 67, Everett

July 7: Rae, Phyllis, 86, Everett

Sept. 20: Park, Kyung, 51, Mukilteo

Sept. 21: Darch, Albert, 85, Bothell

Sept. 24: Parker, Virginia, 74, Everett

Sept. 25: Rieman, Edna, 76, Marysville

Sept. 25: Wilkes, Diane, 62, Tulalip

Sept. 25: Williams, Pamela, 48, Mtlake Terrace

Sept. 26: Brosnhan, Elaine, 86, Bothell

Sept. 26: Fish, Gladys, 82, Edmonds

Sept. 27: Uphaus, Judith, 68, Sultan

Sept. 27: Noyes, Shirley, 86, Mill Creek

Sept. 27: Alexander, James, 64, Everett

Sept. 27: Springston, Michael, 62, Lynnwood

Sept. 27: Straw Jr., Harry, 83, Lynnwood

Sept. 28: Groshong, Corey, 44, Everett

Sept. 28: Lindsay, Doris, 84, Edmonds

Sept. 28: Denke, Barbara, 85, Edmonds

Sept. 29: Caldwell, Madison, 90, Lynnwood

Sept. 29: Maloy, Braeden, infant, Everett

Sept. 29: Cannon, Frederick, 68, Lake Stevens

Sept. 30: Hancock, Randy, 67, Everett

Sept. 30: McManus, John, 90, Everett

Sept. 30: Chege, Susan, 35, Edmonds

Sept. 30: Scott, Michael, 65, Edmonds

Sept. 30: Clein, Joseph, 76, Lynnwood

Oct. 1: Vanlandingham, Gail, 92, Everett

Oct. 1: Cain, James, 68, Mountlake Terrace

Oct. 1: Hahn, Clifford, 93, Everett

Oct. 1: Ory, Mailis, 81, Tulalip

Oct. 2: Gardner, Clyde, 87, Everett

Oct. 2: Thorp, Joshua, 32, Everett

Oct. 2: Heil, Mary, 64, Darrington

Oct. 2: Hixson, Emma (aka Jean), 87, Arlington

Oct. 2: Pfeil, William, 93, Lynnwood

Oct. 2: Anderson, Virginia, 98, Edmonds

Oct. 2: Montgomery, David, 80, Clinton

Oct. 3: Al Nadaf, Fayek, 59, Everett

Oct. 3: Nolan, Marc, 59, Lake Stevens

Oct. 3: Harris, Jackie, 45, Arlington

Oct. 3: Madin, Ruby, 74, Lynnwood

Oct. 3: Rogers, Michael, 55, Everett

Oct. 4: Harcrow, Joshuwa, 27, Camano Island

Oct. 4: Cripe, Timothy, 44, Everett

Oct. 4: Petzold, Willi, 89, Everett

Oct. 4: Caywood, Harold, 91, Everett

Oct. 4: Luera, Betty, 78, Stanwood

Oct. 4: Russell, Lora, 83, Lake Stevens

Oct. 4: Allen, Margaret, 90, Bothell

Oct. 5: Lim, Sung, 44, Snohomish

Oct. 5: Wilcox, Helen, 72, Marysville

Oct. 5: Bradshaw, Twyla, 80, Marysville

Oct. 5: Dunshee, Harry, 74, Everett

Oct. 5: Eckrem, Edna, 94, Mukilteo

Oct. 5: Johnson, Nina, 90, Everett

Oct. 5: Staidle, Jr., Theodore, 78, Enterprise

Oct. 5: Bruns, William, 63, Edmonds

Oct. 5: Douglas, Sandra, 84, Mukilteo

Oct. 6: Hansen, Helen, 96, Snohomish

Oct. 6: Justin, Consuelo, 73, Marysville

Oct. 6: Thomas, Jr., Dwright, 80, Edmonds

Oct. 6: Fyall, Marion, 89, Edmonds

Oct. 6: Kimball, Robert, 78, Everett

Oct. 6: Marvin, James, 72, Bothell

Oct. 7: Sklyarov, Grigory, 74, Everett

Oct. 7: Ersfeld, Mary, 91, Edmonds

Oct. 8: Lowery, Gary, 66, Sultan

Oct. 8: Craig, Carole, 70, Lynnwood

Oct. 8: Gilmore, Diana, 70, Everett

Oct. 8: McKenzie, Ardis, 85, Marysville

Oct. 8: Michelson, Ethelyn, 99, Lake Stevens

Oct. 8: Adams, Cynthia, 64, Stanwood

Oct. 8: Craig, Chantel, 1, Marysville

Oct. 8: Martin, Sylvia, 72, Stanwood

Oct. 8: Pound, Laura, 95, Stanwood

Oct. 9: Westford, Frederick, 92, Lake Stevens

Oct. 10: Mercer, Roy, 81, Monroe


Cascade Valley Hospital, Arlington

FORD, Rache, Arlington, girl, Sept. 27

VEILLARD, Andrea and GLODOWSKI, Robert, Arlington, boy, Oct. 3

COLFELT, Nacole and Kurt, Arlington, girl, Oct. 7

LACKOR, Darla and Stanley, Lake Stevens, boy, Oct. 9

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