Vital Statistics

Marriage licenses

ABBITT, Devin Allan and BROWN, Suzanne Nicole

ADAMS, Gregory Travis and ALEXANDER, Charise Gabrielle

ALEMU, Bereket Yihun and AREAYA, Eden Tesfamariam

ALVAREZ, Rico Gabriel and MACIAS LARIOS, Mayra

ANDREYANOV, Ilya Alexandrovich and DYUKAREVA, Yuliya Petrovna

ANTHONY, Michael David and WOODS, Evelyn Frances

AUSTIN, Nathan Keith and CASTLEBERRY, Jessica Laura Miranda

BAKER, Nicholas Charles and ALBEE, Amanda Rae

BALTZELL, Matthew Joseph and SOLVANG, Julie Lynn

BEACH, Kevin Charles and CHAMBERLIN, Kelly Cherie

BERGER, Eric Ronald and CAMERON, Amanda Grace

BERGMAN, Timothy Leonard and SINCLAIR, Kathryn Ann

BIFOSS, Lance Lamore and PADGITT-OSBORN, Grae

BLATCHFORD, Charley Oliver and HUFF, Sharon Tracy

BOOKER, Morgan Lamont and AGUON, Brittney Nicole Gumabon

BRONSKE, Joshua William and RILEY, Sarah Alyssa

BROWN, Chad Owen and MASSEY, Chanda Somer

BROWN, Stuart McKinstry and KLOCK, Brittany Tara Von

CARDOSO COSTA, Rogerio Paulo and SILVA DOMAR, Marisa Isabel

CAVE, Spencer Kelly and STELL, Andrea May



CHURCHILL, Kyle William and SMITH, Whitney Marie

COUJIN, Christiaan and TAN, Kit Yuen

CRUZ CRUZ, Antonio and OSORIO GONZALEZ, Samantha Christine

CUCCHING, Robert Anthony and HARRISON, Sharlene Pearl-Ellen

DE LAMBERT, Robert Sven and LAYTON, Nancy Ann

DUONG, Teddy and TANG, Cam Xieu

EDWARDS, Clinton James and CARTER, Sarah Rebecca

EVANS, Gabriel Harvest and GORVEATT, Lisa Marie

FRASZ, William Jeffrey and SCHWARTZ, Katie Solvieg

FREDERICK, Albert Scott and SMITH, Kari Lynn

GARCIA, Enrique Alfredo and MERCADO RAMOS, Mariel Andrea

GEBRIL, Umar Ibrahim and KRAJACK, Kalinah Louise

GLEASON, James Cameron and SPENCER, Virginia Joanne

GOUNDER, Shyamal Krishnan and KANT, Shivani Shikha

GRANNIS, Gregory Mark and HALLIFAX, Ashley Ann

GRINSTEAD, Shane William and DARBY, Ashley Deloris

GUNN, Tommy Daniel and ALLEN, Reagan Bryn

HALVORSON, James David and MEASOR, Teresa Louise

HAMMOND, Christopher Gene and FORD, Jessica Ann

HENDRICKSON, Paul Scott and PETERSON, Jackie Ann

HINDS, Bryan Walter and HAWLEY, Serina Dawn

HOANG, Baothuy Tran and TRAN, Nhan T.

HOPE, Gregory Darrell and MILLER, Rochelle Lynn

HUGE, Brian Jason and ULINSKI, Lacey Janette

INGRAM, Kevin Virgil and GALLANT, Emily Alan

JOHANSON, Jared John and NEWSOM, Makala Loesa

KARPENKO, Yevgeniy Sergeyivich and GORBUNOVA, Ellena Andreyevna

KELLER, Robert David and BONNER-MENARY, Andre Yvonne

KEMP, Steven Glenn and WALKER, Barbara Lynn

KIM, Taein and LEEPAK, Rachel Pureum

KIRK, Sean Douglas and SUKER, Lisa Michelle

KLINE, Scott Allen and FILIBECK, Morgan Lorraine

KOPP, Bud Harold and GALE, Pamela Lisa

KOWALCZYK, Ian Scott Trevor and BROCHA, Emily Anne Yeong Seon

KRUKOWSKI, Jonathon Dean and MURA, Kori Ellen

LARSON, Joshuah Aaron and JACKSON, Michelle Marie

LEE, Phillip Ryan and JOHNSTONE, Kayla Rene

LEWIS, David Michael and DEAKIN, Alexandra Marie

LINK, Charles Shearer, III and TAYLOR, Michelle Lisette

LOYA, Trevor Daniel and CLARK, Erica Carleen

MAIER, John Frederick, III and BROTHERTON, Barbara Ruth

MAKHKAMOV, Marufdjon Mukhitdinoch and GUTIERREZ, Yudid Patricia

MEIER, David Gordon and FOLEY, Sonja Elizabeth

MIRANTE, Justin Michael and TAYLOR, Erin Leigh

MONICH, Sergey V. and BRICHKA, Anzhela Vasilievna

MOSES, Samuel Franklin and MARLATT, Dominique Adrienne Brigitte

NAGEL, Adam John and DAHL, Hayley Jo

NELSON, Sterline James and ROSS, Lauren Marice

NGUYEN, Dung Tri and PHAN, Mi Thi

PALMER, Marvin Curtiss and SMITH, Donna Rae

PETERSON, Duane Adam and WILLARD, Stephanie Danielle

PIERCY, Cameron James and HUSTON, Trina Jo

PLUCKER, Donald Christopher and COVEY, Elizabeth Frances

REITER, Robert Maxwell and MANNING, Keiley Nicole

RICHARDS, Robert Aaron and ARMSTRONG, Emily Anne

ROBERTS, Philip James and GRIESEL, Jessica Kay

SAVOIE, Edward James and LARSON, Lavonne Jo

SCOTT, Curtis Joe and FLORENTINO, Shiela Borromeo

SIMON, Tyson Earl and SIMON, Cacie Carol Ann


STANLEY, Kirt Cee and TANNER, Misty Leeann

SWANSON, Charles Edward and HILL, Andrea Jhonne

THOMPSON, David Scott and PETERSON, Aaryn Danielle

TONNING, Trevor Gardner and O’REILLY, Bridgette Cherie

VIBBERT, Mitchell and GROVER, Seema

VIRDELL, Gary Matthew and ALLEN, Stacia Irene

VON LINDERN, Drew Alexander and OVERHOLSER, Brittany Lauren

WARSAME, Faisal Abdi and MUSE, Khadra Abdillahi

WELCOME, Jeremy Michael and WILKERSON, Jessica Nicole

WILSON, Jesse Lydell and PENRY, Carolyn Lorraine

WYATTS, Jeremy Christopher and JACKSON, Adriadne Shernell


ADAMSON, David and Donna

AKACHAT, Miloud and Gina

BACK, Chris and Kristin


CALDWELL, Mark and Teresa


CONTE, Vincent and Christina

CRUZ, Peter and Kristi

DEWAR, Jeffrey and ALBERTS-DEWAR, Seugnet

DIXON, Anthony and Debra

GARRISON, Benjamin and Bonnie

GASWINT, Josh and Julie

GENUNG, David and Zipporah

HAMMOCK, Albert, Jr. and Patricia

HARDY, John, IV and Rosella

HERNANDEZ-RAMOS, Alejandro and IBARRA, Maria

HUGHES, Ryan and Andrea


LOPEZ, John and Theresa

MAKAWI, Hashim and MILLER, Dawn


McCONNELL, James and Heather

McGLINCHY, Aaron and Katie


McLAUGHLIN, Michael and Karen

McVEY, Walter and Terry

MIDDENDORF, Arthur and Alexa

MORSE, Jeffery and Summer

NICOL, Kahlil and Alison

ONOFIO, Anthony and Rosana

PETERS, Wayne and Linda

STOVALL, John and Rosie

THOMPSON, Bradley and Diana

TIEKEN, James and Brenda

TIRAK, Mugdin and Majda

WILLIAMS, Robert, III and Sarah

YESAYAN, Rafael and Aminat

ZULFIQUR, Hasan and ARA, Zinat


Aug. 8: Effenberger, Elaine, 92, Sultan

Aug. 22: Freeman, Gregory, 61, Everett

Aug. 29: Lor, Wa, 94, Bothell

Aug. 31: Cowan, Jr., James, 70, Arlington

Sept. 2: Madsen, Suzanne, 75, Mountlake Terrace

Sept. 5: Quach, Kia, 86, Lynnwood

Sept. 5: Dills, Frances, 77, Mill Creek

Sept. 5: Scott, Vicki, 58, Clinton

Sept. 5 : Burger, Ruth, 86, Everett

Sept. 6: Atkins, Phillip, 53, Everett

Sept. 6: Cecsarini, Larry, 67, Marysville

Sept. 7: Jordan, Glenn, 96, Stanwood

Sept. 7: Loehndorf, Donna, 66, Lake Stevens

Sept. 7: Parker, George, 81, Edmonds

Sept. 7: Burow, Betty, 89, Everett

Sept. 7: Lampley, Thelma, 89, Everett

Sept. 8: Anderson, Melvin, 90, Edmonds

Sept. 8: Glasscock, Dana, 41, Everett

Sept. 8 Gustafson, Lester, 95, Monroe

Sept. 8: Smith, Georgine, 73, Bothell

Sept. 8: White, Douglas, 49, Snohomish

Sept. 9: Davidson, Gene, 99, Stanwood

Sept. 9: Rogers, Mildred, 90, Arlington

Sept. 9: Carter, Imogene, 87, Bothell

Sept. 9: Diano, Severiano, 90, Lynnwood

Sept. 9: Hover, Clay, 54, Everett

Sept. 9: Moore, Sherrel, 83, Everett

Sept. 9: Malan, Vara, 89, Arlington

Sept. 10: Hutzell, Joyce, 80, Marysville

Sept. 10: Carroll, Dorothy, 88, Everett

Sept. 10: Sliva (aka: Sliwa), Edmund, 91, Everett

Sept. 10: Simpson, Hubert, 61, Lake Stevens

Sept. 10: Manke, Barbara, 77, Stanwood

Sept. 11: Barstad, Barbara, 64, Snohomish

Sept. 11: Cooper, Earnest, 81, Bothell

Sept. 11: Boston, Claude, 93, Arlington

Sept. 11: Clevenger, Mark, 84, Bothell

Sept. 11: Liddle, William, 85, Marysville

Sept. 11: Torgerson, Doris, 84, Everett

Sept. 11: Hilton, Irma, 89, Arlington

Sept. 11: Johnson, Mathew, 49, Marysville

Sept. 11: Jones, Frances, 90, Edmonds

Sept. 11: Atkins, Jr., Tyler, 81, Everett

Sept. 11: Collins, Gene, 59, Everett

Sept. 11: Arnold, Warren, 54, Mukilteo

Sept. 11: Bailey, Margaret, 90, Everett

Sept. 12: Hipps, Dena, 90, Marysville

Sept. 12: Burnham, Alice, 87, Monroe

Sept. 12: Longmuir, James, 97, Everett

Sept. 12: Vert, Jeanette, 83, Marysville

Sept. 12: Wiprud, Patricia, 80, Bothell

Sept. 12: Burdick, Violet, 85, Snohomish

Sept. 12: Hudson, Patricia, 84, Everett

Sept. 12: Jangard, Lynne, 75, Edmonds

Sept. 12: Pickett, Carol, 65, Edmonds

Sept. 13: Nadeau, Lionel, 91, Everett

Sept. 13: Bloom, Marie, 82, Mukilteo

Sept. 13: Farrow, Charlotte, 64, Everett

Sept. 13: Owens, Jr., Richard, 90, Lake Stevens

Sept. 13: Rae, Joan, 96, Everett

Sept. 13: Hansen, Donald, 49, Marysville

Sept. 14: Holtorf, Andrew, 52, Everett

Sept. 14: Allen, Lee, 78, Marysville

Sept. 14: Williams, William, 59, Everett

Sept. 15: Burns, Robert, 74, Everett

Sept. 15: Kerney, Ellene, 93, Arlington

Sept. 15: Mills, Jr., Thomas, 69, Bothell

Sept. 15: Buchanan, Jack, 78, Arlington

Sept. 15: Burpee, Patricia, 87, Everett

Sept. 15: Cline, Diane, 50, Lake Stevens

Sept. 15: Neely, Alice, 90, Everett

Sept. 15: Podgornaya, Anna, 82, Everett

Sept. 15: Rio, Phyllis, 95, Arlington

Sept. 16: Kapp, Alverta, 83, Stanwood

Sept. 16: Anderson, Freddie, 91, Marysville

Sept. 16: Bennett, Patricia, 64, Snohomish

Sept. 17: Smith, Cameron, 56, Lynnwood

Sept. 18: Benson, Curtis, 37, Everett


Cascade Valley Hospital, Arlington

CANELA, Isabel, Marysville, boy, Sept. 13

WAHL, Kimberly and ANDERSON, Steven, Arlington, boy, Sept. 13

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