Vital Statistics


ALBERTSON, Albert and Patricia

ANDOLINI, Stefano and DAVIS, Corynn

AWAN, Faisal and HAMEEDI, Wajiha

BARTLETT, Richard and Cynthia

BIRMINGHAM, Robert and Evelyn

BREWER, Matthew and Keri

CAFFREY, Nicholas and Serena

CALLAHAN, Patrick and Danette

CARL, Robert and WILLIAMS, Carol


CHALKER, Lucas and ChristyLee

CHASE, Ronald, Jr. and Tammi

CODIGA, Shawn and Sarah

COOPER, Jason and Ashley


CRANE, Brian and Penny

CRONIN, Joseph and Robyn



DIXON, Gregory and Charlo

DORING, James and Jacqueline

DREEWES, Christopher and Heather

ENYEART, Christopher and Carol

EVERGREEN, Bradley and Hannah

GERLACH, Scott and Leanna


HANSEN, Jeffery and Nicole

HARTELL, Mark and Maria

HEW, Jaren-Robert and Kasey

HEWITT, Tim and Michelle

HJERT, Loren and Angela


HUKILL, Nicholas and Rachel

HUNT, Michael and Lynn

JHONG, James and Linda

JOUMAA, Sami and HEGEBERG, Tiffany

KAPPEN, Neil and Tanya

KERWOOD, Craig and MacDONALD, Wendy


KIEFFER, Joshua and PETTENGILL, Kimberly


KNOWLES, Darren and Tammi

KREIFELS, Christopher and Kristin

LAPORTE, Chad and WILSON, Rebecca

LEWIS, Wayne and BOWDEN, Bethany

LOVITT, Douglas and Bonnie

LUKSICH, Anthony and Karen


MARTIN, Matthew and Jaycee

MAYNARD, Eric and SHIPP, Melissa

McCRACKEN, John and Deborah

McGREW, Jeffrey and Nataliya

McNAMARA, Jonathan and Breanna

MONSON, Raymond Leila

MORGAN, Wayne and Michelle

MORGAN, William and Anita

MURPHY, Michael, Jr. and Nancy

MUSSER, Joshua and Karen

OHMAN, Lawrence and Mandy


OLIVER, Daniel and Dana

OSBORNE, Jason and Jennifer

PAGE, Ronald and CONNOLLY, Colleen

PERKINS, Steven and Cathy

PETRICK, Alan and Brittany

PUCKETT, Richard and Judy

QUARTARARO, Philip and Shandra

RAND, Michaela and Angela

REED, Richard and Lisa

REYES, Felipe and Veronica

ROGERS, James, Jr. and Rebecca

SANDERS, Derrick and Stephany

SCHNELL, Mark and Hilary

SERRANO, Victor and Vickie

SHARMA, Daryl and Shristi

SHOEMAN, Jeffrey and Michelle

SIMMONS, Ernest and Hae

SIMPSON, Richard and Carol

SMITH, Guy and POTTS, Heather

SORGE, Eric and Lori

SOULE, Mark and ORLICH, Laura

STEFFEN, Daron and Lara

TACBIAN, Braxten and Kayleigh

THOMS, Donald and LARKIN, Larua

TIESKIE, Ted and Denise

VALTKAMP, Paul and CALDWELL, Deborah

WAGNER, John and Tamara

WALL, John and Koteles, Katie

WALLNER, Adam and Angela

WALSH, Richard and Carolyn

WILLIAMSON, Tom, III and Jennifer

YARNO, Laurence and Amy

Marriage licenses

ACKER, Andrew and PENTHENY, Mackenzie

AGHAGHAFAR, Abbas Hamedani and SANCHEZ, Solorio Adriana

ALGARA, Fernando and GILL, Catherine Coit

ALLRED, Andre Alexae and PARSONS, Andrea Lauren

ANSON, Tyler Jacob and SKURSKI, Stephanie Jo

AYERS, Christopher Tyler and WEAR, Courtney Jeanne

BAKER, Manu Kanaka O’Kawaiula and OLSON, Brittany Marie

BARICH, Phillip Barto and BOITANO, Barbara Louise

BELLEHUMEUR, Stephen Ray and STALDER, Shirley Ruth

BERG, Casey Ryan and TIPTON, Diana Katherine

BJORGO, Tyler Francis and TAYLOR, Marian Catherine

BONDARCHUK, Iosif and TYUKALO, Yulia Vitalievna

BOSSE, Jason Dean and SWEEM, Christina Marie

BROWN, Zachary Scott and CHANEY, Clara Rose Cobb

CAMPBELL, Craig Richard and STINE, Denise Michelle

CHAMBERS, Bryan James and SHARKEY, Jamie Lynn

CHANDLER, Terry Michael and SCHULTZ, Anne

CHRISTENSEN, Mark Nathan and BREYSSE, Katie

CLARK, Jesse Dean Scott and OZMENT, Laura Loretta

COATES, Derek James and CONNELL, Samantha Marie

COLEMAN, Craig Alan and FOOTE, Corin Marie


CURATOLO, Jeffrey Jon and ZHANG, Lirong

CURRY, Steven Lamar and LAWING, Casaundra Lee Jo

DEGRAW, Chad McNaughton and GANDEE, Haley Lynn-Ann

DENISON, Brien Kyle and SHIPLEY, Rebecca Jean

DIDOK, Leonid Il’Ich and KIYENOK, Anastasiya Andreyevna

DIRLAM, Charles Steven and DEURLOO, Jamie Rae-Ann

DOVGALYUK, Ruslan Petrovich and VEDENEVA, Natalya Aleksandrovna

DREW, Dana Scott and DE VRIES, Anna

DROBOTIUK, Dmytro Alexandrovich and BOCHARNIKOVA, Marina Pavlovna

EBRAHIM, Ali Redha Hasan and MEKTEL, Fadoua

EHLINGER, Allen Marcus and TAYLOR, Jessica Rachelle

ELLIOTT, Stephen Douglas and ELLIOTT, Karen Kay

ENEIX, Neil Kurt, Jr. and RHODES, Elisha Ann

ERNST, Matthew Thomas and FLORENCE, Clarissa Faye

ESTES, James Randolph and NUTTING, Lindsey Anne

FORTHOFER, Christian Henry and JONES, Heather Marie

FUNNELL, Brian Scott and FISHER, Tyler Marie

GLENN, Darin Patrick and NELSON, Misty Anne

GOEDEN, Joel Thomas and HART, Rebecca Lynne

GONZALES, Walter Patrick Welsh and VIRAY, Joanne Christine

GOSLING, Curtis Lawrence and LOWE, Angela Dawn

GRIEVE, Timothy Nathanael and MICKEY, Amy Elizabeth

GUTIERREZ, Miguel Angel and HINES, Cassie Aileen

HALL, Shane Allen and HOLLIS, Nancy Ilene

HAMMONDS, Eric Wayne and BASS, Tresia Melynn

HARTMAN, Larry Eugene, Jr. and DE GEEST, Amy Louise

HARVIE, Casey Albert and STINSON, Crystal Jean

HENDERSON, Christopher Glen and MOSHER, Jo-Anna Danielle

HIGDON, Michael James and WELBORN, Rachel Elizabeth

HILL, Terry Duane and UDMAN, Christine Lynn

HOLM, Mitchell Edward and BUCCIERI, Michelle Aleen

HOPKINS, Donald Quay and CROTHERS, Katherine Ann

HOUSTON, Barry Ross and CHAMBERS, Deborah Griffith

HUGO, Christopher Douglas and GONZALEZ, Starla Lee-Ann

HURD, Jason Scott and WITHEE, Dawn Marie

INSTASI, Sean Mathew and BEHREND, Heather Karleen

JACQUES, Thomas Kevin and FOLLIS, Kerry Lynn

JEFFRIES, David Laroy and BAKER, Esther Melee

JOHNSON, George William and WILLIAMS, Yvonne Marie

KHIM, Sokuney and PANG, Vansy

KIM, Jeff Ray and ANDERSON, Dea JudiAnn

KIM, Junyoung and KIM, Jung Won

LAFFERTY, Patrick Ryan and CROSS, Brionna Marie

LARA, Benjamin and COLEMAN, Christina Marie

LEE, Jeffery Ryan and FINNEGAN, Hannah Elizabeth

LEE, Jeremy Ryan and HUTSON, Chelsea Ann

LEONARD, Jeffrey Nolan and McDOWELL, Cassandra Ann

LINTH, Frank Abbott and MAIER, Lois Ann

LITTLE, Jesse Antonio and SIMMONS, Heidi Johanna

MACK, George Albert and LEON, Andrea Teresa

McGLOTHLEN, Wayne William and HANSEN, Lisa Anne

McLAIN, David Lee and FRANKHOUSER, Courtney Ann

McMASTER, Aaron Dean and GILL, Francesca Antoinette

MELENDREZ MONDRAGON, Jose Antonio and FARIAS, Silva Irais

MONTALVO, Adam Derek and PINTURAK, Kathleen

MORALEZ, Reynaldo, Sr. and DUKES, Debra Ann

MUNDAY, Jason Eric and HOGG, Amy Lin

NELSON, Derrick Wayne and HOAG, Danielle Renee

NIJEM, Joseph Adley and PULLIAM, Jenna Marie


June 5: Weingarten, Jan, 63, Lynnwood

April 6: Dean, Gloria, 63, Everett

April 7: Porter, Gregory, 55, Everett

May 15: Toddhunter, Maria, 55, Stanwood

May 21: Drake, Ora, 90, Lynnwood

May 23: Gately, Rhea, 84, Bothell

May 25: Bueing, Roger, 74, Edmonds

May 25: Toburen, Kim, 52, Edmonds

May 25: Shull, Frances, 88, Stanwood

May 26: Kennedy, Thomas, 52, Everett

May 27: Pearcy, Ilene, 75, Lake Stevens

May 27: Butler, Brendan, 32, Marysville

May 28: Bowyer, Opal, 91, Snohomsh

May 28: Cass, Margaret, 69, Lake Stevens

May 29: Karlson, Shirley, 87, Stanwood

May 29: Tallman, Pauline, 93, Edmonds

May 29: Hawkesworth, Suzanne, 61, Snohomish

May 30: Butler, Bernadine, 66, Marysville

May 30: Ensz, Virginia, 65, Snohomish

May 30: Guthrie, Richard, 66, Everett

May 31: Dubois, Anita, 79, Marysville

May 31: Matthews, Lee, 88, Marysville

May 31: Ruskey, Sandra, 68, Everett

May 31: Larson, Anita, 88, Bothell

May 31: Dickey, John, 55, Everett

May 31: Klan, Evelyn, 92, Edmonds

May 31: Johnston, Kevin, 39, Lakewood

June 1: Mann, Pauline, 90, Lynnwood

June 1: Beazell, Hugh, 46, Everett

June 1: Johnston, Mary, 81, Stanwood

June 2: Irby, Jr., Richard, 49, Marysville

June 2: Linse, Geraldine, 89, Edmonds

June 2: Puls, Roberta, 87, Everett

June 2: Sciglibaglio, Harriett, 77, Everett

June 2: Smith, John, 92, Everett

June 2: Young, Rex, 90, Mill Creek

June 2: Zenger, Wayne, 57, Snohomish

June 3: Ganea, Valerian, 60, Lynnwood

June 3: Murphy, James, 82, Edmonds

June 3: Shaw, Sr., Douglas, 89, Edmonds

June 3: Budd, Jecelyn, 80, Mountlake Terrace

June 3: Gunderson, Clotilda, 77, Bothell

June 3: Remmem, Clifford, 95, Edmonds

June 3: Conradi, Bernice, 84, Lynnwood

June 3: James, Maizie, 85, Tulalip

June 3: Senter, Ruth, 91, Everett

June 3: Fife, Pamela, 62, Mukilteo

June 3: Rodgers, Patrick, 61, Everett

June 4: Runnels, Wayne, 42, Edmonds

June 4: Evanks, Cesar, 45, Lynnwood

June 4: Hagen, Ethel, 87, Lynnwood

June 4: Kuester, Audrey, 80, Lynnwood

June 4: Martin-Ellis, Marcia, 59, Lake Stevens

June 4: Holt, Jean, 99, Everett

June 4: Husby, Florence, 84, Everett

June 5: Elwood, Richard, 84, Edmonds

June 5: Kubec (aka: McPherson), Lester, 86, Marysville

June 5: Hankins, Orville, 74, Skykomish

June 5: Hatch, Lawrence, 84, Bothell

June 5: Hood, Marya, 40, Tulalip

June 5: Waits, Mitzi, 87, Edmonds

June 5: Hagbo, Rosemarie, 57, Lake Stevens

June 5: Fox, Marion, 80, Edmonds

June 5: McCafferty, William, 74, Everett

June 6: Blue, Amanda, 22, Snohomish

June 6: Critz, Jeffery, 54, Snohomish

June 6: Hafemeister, David, 92, Edmonds

June 6: Hanway, Joyce, 85, Mill Creek

June 6: Daily, Robert, 57, Arlington

June 6: Costantini, Enzo, 72, Marysville

June 6: Black, William, 45, Everett

June 6: Cooper, Claudine, 87, Stanwood

June 6: Voit, Claire, 92, Edmonds

June 6: Jerrell, Jr., William (aka: Bill), 41, Bothell

June 6: McCraney, Gerald, 70, Lynnwood

June 7: McNeil, Dorothy, 89, Snohomish

June 7: Countryman, Janice, 67, Marysville

June 7: Maguire, Corrine, 69, Lake Stevens

June 7: Coon, Anna, 90, Monroe

June 7: Goodpastor, Raymond, 72, Bothell

June 7: Vara, Walter, 82, Bothell

June 8: Nickol, Joshua, 33, Marysville

June 8: Jimerson, Myrtle, 87, Everett

June 9: Steiner, Alfons, 91, Stanwood

June 9: Jensen, John, 70, Everett

June 9: Santos, Shane, 18, Marysville

June 10: Betsch, Bonita, 69, Mill Creek

June 10: Nicholson, David, 58, Lynnwood

June 11: Brindle, Dennis, 65, Snohomish

June 11: Land Mosteller, Gerald, 72, Edmonds

June 11: Robinson, Ronald, 75, Edmonds

June 11: Sanchez, Desiderio, 46, Mountlake Terrace


Cascade Valley Hospital, Arlington

SUNDHEIM, Tammy and Keith, Arlington, boy, June 14

LeJOUR, Aymee, Arlington, girl, June 16

SPELMAN, Jolean and Jeremy, Arlington, boy, June 17

More in Local News

Everett district relents on eminent domain moving expenses

Homeowners near Bothell still must be out by April to make way for a planned new high school.

Their grown children died, but state law won’t let them sue

Families are seeking a change in the state’s limiting wrongful-death law.

Officials rule train-pedestrian death an accident

The 37-year-old man was trying to move off the tracks when the train hit him, police say.

Ex-Monroe cop re-arrested after losing sex crime case appeal

He was sentenced to 14 months in prison but was free while trying to get his conviction overturned.

Marysville hit-and-run leaves man with broken bones

The state patrol has asked for help solving an increasing number of hit-and-run cases in the state.

Everett man killed at bar had criminal history, gang ties

A bar employee reportedly shot Matalepuna Malu, 29, whose street name was “June Bug.”

There’s plenty to cheer in overdue capital budget

In Snohomish County, there’s money for a number of projects.

Parking a constant problem at Wallace Falls State Park

There’s a study under way on how to tackle that issue and others.

Number of flu-related deaths in county continues to grow

Statewide, 86 people have died from the flu, most of whom were 65 or older.

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