Vital Statistics

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Marriage Licenses

ANDERSON, Gregory Dean and WONG, Nicole Leclaire

ANIS, Dexter Jay Banawa and CASALAN, Leny Jane Angos

BALER, Kevin and MESSINGER, Amanda Ittner

BERTASH, Nikolay Nikolayevich and FOWLER, Rachel Elisabeth

BOYLES, Jason Allen and PETH, Misty Dawn

CALEY, Jeremy Edward and BATES, Shawnalee Anne

CARDELLA, Gene Ballington and GILLIS, Mary Ann

CORREA, Robert Douglas and AALBU, Lynn Marie

COSTIN, Alex McMullen and CUNNINGHAM, Chelsea Nycole

CRONN, Travis Jeffery and BILODEAU, Jailene Michel

DELP, Brian Dean and ANDERSON, Gayle Ellen

DYSON, Jared Alexander and HUTCHISON, Audrey Elaine

ELDERS, Justin Joshua and ROSSITER, Amanda Michelle

EMERY, Camron Lee and MURRAY, Danielle Alexis

ENSZ, Marc Forrest and GRIFFIN, Maryanne

ERICKSON, Daniel Anthony and MILLER, Kimala Grace

ESLINGER, Lloyd William and SANBORN, Patti Jo

FARIAS, Mena Margarito and ANGEL VASQUEZ, Andreina

FLORES, Bernardo Arturo and ESPINOZA-MALDONADO, Maria

FORBES, Kenneth So and RYGG, Erin Marie

FRY, Rhey Lyndon and BRATTAIN, Lina Dee

GAMBLE, Donald Lee and McGWIRE, Sarah Noel

GROH, Andrew James and VOGEL, Katelyn Marie

HINDS, Matthew Kyle and NICHOLS, Jessica Nicole

JAMMEH, Lamin and DIBBA, Binta Badjan

JONES, William Christopher and BISSET, Alexandria Norman

KALLICOTT, Dennis Alan and VAN DAM, Johanna Norene

KIMMELL, Michael Todd and HAUGHIAN, Constance Anne

KNOX, Chad William and FREDETTE, Brittany Nicole

KOKINDA, Christopher Aaron and MILLER, Danielle Marie

LANGDON, Jeffrey Howard and POESCHEL, Sandra Lynn

LANKHAAR, Cameron Allen and RICHER, Britney Lynn

LIEURANCE, Patrick Thurlow and STAPLES, Sheri Lynn

LOMAKIN, Walter and KANARSKAYA, Anastasiya Aleksandrovna

LOVETT, Jared Alan and BROWN, Hannah May

LUDERMAN, Rodney Wayne and SMITH, Nikki Elizabeth

LUNDBERG, Peter James and IRVIN, Alexis Madison

MAKOWSKY, Scott Cory and MONAHAN, Maggie Mae

MARTE, Marthy Jalotjot and VUE, Se

MARTINEZ, Nelson Lamas and ARROYO SANTOYO, Olga Vanessa

MAY, Kevin Rajinder and VILLANUEVA, Stefany Leiko Kanani

McCULLOCH, Tracy Dean and SCHULER, Deanna Ruth

MERTZIG, Charles John and DOCKSTADER, Amanda Sue

MILLAR, Rodney and KIM, Kahyun

MONTERO MUNOZ, Luiggi Heyffer and SCHMEICHEL, Elizabeth Leilani

MORRISON, Timothy Lee and WINTERS, Sherri Lynn

MUSCAT, James Allen and SMITH, Amanda Lynn

NICHOLAS, Robert Vance and TURNER, Tina Marie

ONTIVEROS CRUZ, Robert and CASE, Melissa Marie

PAEK, Brian Kim and SONG, Eun Jung

PEDROZA, Trujillo Eleazar and VANDEN BOS, Kelsea Lynn

PELLHAM, Kyle David and HATCHELL, Kimberly Ann

PERALEZ, Randy and SCOTT, Jennifer Anne

PERKINS, Anthony Jacob and KNOSP, Jamie Richell

PETERSON, Michael John and TOYCEN, Kristina Fay

PETRASOV, Eugeniu and AGASHKOV, Anna Ivanovna

PIERCE, Sean Lowell and BRINKERHOFF, Bridgette Jessica

RICHEY, Ricky Lee and McGUIRE, Jennifer Nichole

ROEHR, Bryan Clay and NISHIMURA, Kristen Lynn

ROSS, Stephen Allen and NELSON, Sarah Beth

RUPIK, Matthew Travis and THORNTON, Kala Marie Estes

RYALS, Jimmy Lee, Jr. and TURNER, Ashley Sharee

SALICOS, Daniel McAVOY, and MANTELLINI, Stacy Lynn

SAMPLE, Kyle Joseph and VANDERHOOF, Charlotte Marie

SCHAFER, Beau Lynn and PEDERSON, Jaylene Nicole

SHARP, Christopher Levi and NICHOLAS, Arta Marie

SIMONEAUX, Jesse Lee and KELLOGG, Shasta K.

SLADE, Martin Calvester, Jr. and PHAM, Nhi Nguyen Tuyet

SMITH, David Wayne and SINHA, Priya

SPESOCK, Gavin Jeffery and KUDERER, Amanda Reingard

STARK, Michael David and McKINLEY, Susan Janet

STRONG, Johnathan Cole and HIGGINS, Brittany Lee

SWAN, Donald Luke and WILLIAMS, Amber Evelyne

THOMPSON, Aaron Marcus and HURTADO, Vinamonic S.

THOMPSON, Arthur Raymond Eldon, Jr. and KIRCHGESSNER, Angel Nichole

WASHBURN, Jeffrey David and DAW, Kelli Cameron

WILLIAMS, Jesse Gabriel and HOLMES, Jordan Noel

WISE, Kevin Joseph and WISE, Deborah Diane

WOOD, Steven Kent and KEEPERS, Rachel

YOUNGS, Carl Eugene and HO, Nalani Riane


ALDERMAN, Jesse and TAYLOR, Melissa

ANDERTON, Jordan and Olivia

BECKMAN, Robert and Amy

BIGELOW, Greg and OLSON, Laura

BRONES, Warren and Cheryl

CADIGAN, Gregg and Lisa

CONNER, Wayne and Michele

CRACCHIOLO, Robert and Angie

DARNELL, Sheldon and Kiara

DISNEY, Donald and Kathleen

EGGLESTON, Eric and Sherice

EKEGREN, Jon and TOWNS, Meghan

FARSTAD, Timothy and Angela

FULCHER, Chad and Gabriela

HERNANDEZ, Steve and Tana

HOLTMEIER, Richard and Diane

ISOM, James and Norma

IVEY, Vincent and Heidi

JEFFERSON, Jamie and Melissa

KARNAUKH, Dmitriy and Tatiana

KELBERT, Reinhart and KELBERT (nka HARRIS), Angela

LARSON, Lawrence and Judith

LARSON, Mitch and Kristi


McCARTHY, Eric and Anna

McEACHERN, Jonathan and Danae

McGLOTHLIN, Rick and Melinda

MILLER, Larry and Clara

NOLAN, Matthew and Sileena

OPPERMAN, Donald and Suzanne

OUTLAW, Taurus and ADAMS, Nicolette

OVENA, Manuel and Camille

RICHEY, Ricky and DENISI, Noelle

RUMPH, Garth and DONATO, Michelleen

SANDMIRE, Lorri and WILKINGS, Cheryl


SMITH, Steven and Cathryn

STOULIL, Ryan and Molly

STRACENER, Shane and Carolyn

TERRY, Shamero and FISK, Melissa

TINNEY, James and Lee

VALENTI, Ross and Joanne

WENDLANDT, John and Michelle

WOOD, Russell and Margerett

WOODY, Kevin and Karen


Feb. 25: Link, Kenneth, 61, Monroe

April 19: Riddle, Irene, 89, Darrington

May 2: Seymour, Mildred, 102, Stanwood

May 5: Lewis, Rosalind, 82, Mill Creek

May 7: Gamman, Lucas, 29, Stanwood

May 8: Hansen, Michael, 58, Mill Creek

May 8: Peterson, Nancy, 50, Clinton

May 8: Bohlin, Marcelline, 93, Edmonds

May 10: Loeffler, Arlene, 90, Stanwood

May 10: Hutchins, Esther, 89, Monroe

May 11: White, Dona, 90, Snohomish

May 11: Raymond, Jr., Laurence, 84, Edmonds

May 11: Houle, Forrest, 71, Lake Stevens

May 12: Kappel, Helen, 95, Stanwood

May 12: MacLean, Jay, 29, Monroe

May 12: Shotwell, Vancessa, 80, Bothell

May 12: Miller, Jerry, 56, Snohomish

May 12: Lang, Jr., Wilfred, 60, Everett

May 12: Hall, Vadah, 90, Stanwood

May 13: Perin, Ruby, 93, Everett

May 13: Philips, Bonnie, 72, Arlington

May 14: Frguson, Ralph, 78, Camano Island

May 14: Nguyen, Rot, 78, Marysville

May 14: Dinges, David, 51, Marysville

May 14: Weir, Paul, 50, Marysville

May 14: Connor, Betty, 76, Bothell

May 14: Charley, Bruce, 48, Everett

May 14: Nelson, Jennifer, 80, Everett

May 14: Austin, Henry, 50, Snohomish

May 15: Umpstead, Thomas, 58, Monroe

May 15: Cummins, Glenn, 64, Everett

May 15: Edwards, Betty, 91, Stanwood

May 15: Killen, James, 79, Snohomish

May 15: Thoresen, Maurice, 93, Marysville

May 15: Welch, Richard, 82, Everett

May 15: Everett, Bernard, 58, Everett

May 15: Hoyt, Elizabeth, 82, Stanwood

May 15: Boggs, Jimmie, 79, Arlington

May 15: Halady, Richard, 70, Everett

May 15: Johnson, Robert, 75, Snohomish

May 15: Rasmussen, Betty, 90, Lynnwood

May 15: Rivera, Juan, 63, Marysville

May 16: Adams, Mulburn, 94, Stanwood

May 16: Canniff, Russell, 76, Snohomish

May 16: Tyson, Leah, 59, Darrington

May 16: Post, David, 83, Marysville

May 16: Shelton, Edna, 91, Monroe

May 16: Thompson, Minnie, 92, Everett

May 16: Jensen, Irene, 89, Edmonds

May 16: Sholberg, Gordon, 76, Lake Stevens

May 16: Navratil, Mildred, 97, Lynnwood

May 17: Kim, Kye, 99, Mukilteo

May 17: Roshchuk, Nina, 86, Bothell

May 17: Bui, Ky, 74, Everett

May 17: Hallquist, F., 87, Lake Stevens

May 17: Detherage, James, 63, Stanwood

May 18: Castle, Donald, 84, Everett

May 18: Ginn, Lavada, 97, Everett

May 18: Oneil, Emil, 87, Index

May 18: Rowlett, Gloria, 86, Everett

May 18: Horn, Janet, 66, Bothell

May 18: Welk, Marjorie, 91, Marysville

May 19: Swystun, Harriet, 93, Snohomish

May 19: Whaley, Rebecca, 61, Everett

May 19: Dressel, Wilbur, 90, Monroe

May 19: Anderson, Irene, 91, Snohomish

May 19: Beyar, Marian, 68, Lynnwood

May 19: Crane, Carol, 54, Arlington

May 19: Crews, Harry, 50, Lynnwood

May 19: Dahms, Dale, 73, Marysville

May 19: Gunderman, Joan, 80, Mill Creek

May 19: Nelwan, Albert, 79, Everett

May 19: Philbrick, Rhea, 44, Everett

May 20: Koorn, Richard, 45, Edmonds

May 20: McQuarrie, Lois, 80, Marysville

May 20: Chum, Chhoung, 67, Lynnwood

May 20: Elkington, Frank, 52, Lynnwood

May 20: Kjonsvik, Ella, 73, Lynnwood

May 20: Overturf, Lee, 80, Lynnwood

May 20: Peskuric, George, 90, Edmonds

May 21: Hall, Richard, 81, Everett

May 21: Dickson, Albert, 92, Lake Stevens

May 21: Spencer, Gerald, 92, Edmonds

May 22: O’Bernier, Paul, 72, Lake Stevens


Swedish Edmonds Hospital, Edmonds

LUGANSKAYA, Yelena and Konstantin, Lynnwood, girl, May 18

BROWN, Tianna and SAMPSON, Dick, Snohomish, girl, May 18

OKANO, Brandi and Jarod, Mountlake Terrace, boy, May 18

BELTRAN, Angelina and CALIN, Mircea, Everett, girl, May 20

Cascade Valley Hospital, Arlington

VAN WYHE, Kathryn and Justin, Everett, boy, May 14

KUMMERMAN, Melissa and Todd, Arlington, girl, May 15

McKEE, Sara and VIVERAS, Miguel, Arlington, girl, May 17

Providence Regional Medical Center, Everett

SEVERE, Kirstin and Tyson, Arlington, girl, May 18