Vital Statistics

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Marriage Licenses

ABBOTT-HAMLIN, Michael Lee and GILDROY MacGREGOR, Cecilli Ina

ALVES, John Anthony and BURNS, Jessi Marie

AMESCUA, Ramon and BRICENO, Jessica Renee

ANDERS, Kevin Eric and HOLEN, Kelly Ann

BAEHM, Michael Clark and ADKINS, Jennifer Lynn

BERNARD, Dixie Calvin, Jr. and FRALEY, Lillie Christine

BORK, Jared Rudolph and CHARON, Melissa Sue

BUSTAD, Mathew Tylor and COX, Tiffany Ann

CHANEY, Matthew Wesley and HAYDEN, Chandra Gail

CHOATE, Jed Micah and CAMPOS, Faith

CONNELL, Joseph Michael and GOARCK, Jennifer Louise

CRESS, Mark Allen and SMITH, Edith Thelma

CUMMINGS, Jonathan David and OYSTER, Allison Grace

DAM, Long Ha and DAM, Maryanne Tien Bui

ENGLEHART, William Phillip and HALLQUIST, Kristina Louise

GARALDE, Denilo Rangasan, Jr. and RAFANAN, Krystle Yadao

HACAULT, Chase Anthony and FILLER, Lauren Lynn

HAGGERTY, Cory Austin and McCABE, Courtney Kathleen

HASENBANK, Christopher Ray and AUSTIN, Dena Marie

HERNANDEZ CAMPOS, Oscar and ROCKWELL, Amanda Danielle

HERRING, William Elmer, Jr. and COTTRELL, Marina Ivanovna

HITCHCOCK, Patrick Robert and BARNES, Rhonda Michele

HOLMES, Franklin Russell and STEEN, Amy Elizabeth

HULSE, Matthew Richard and YORK, Ranae Michael

HURLBERT, Kenneth Wayne and AGA, Mary Alfreda

IMHOLT, Grant Joseph and SANTEFORD, Shaylene Joy

IVERSON, Dennis Elvin and DONAHOO, Deena Laree

JACOBSEN, Darryl Shane, II and FREEDMAN, Kelcy Rae

JAVAUX, Kenneth Charles and OSBORNE, Katherine Georgeanne

JONES, Brady Kyle and MAJOR, Megan Ashley

JOYNER, James Mitchell and JACKSON, Sharon Lavon

KANE, Krystofer Clayton and SAWCZYN, Rebecka Leann

KNOX, Michael Allen and ELDER, Angela Katrika

KUTSCHBACH, Taylor Carl and COSTILLA, Stacia Chevonne

LAIRD, Robert A. and GEORGE, Melissa Ellen

LENTZ, Timothy Russell David and VENTURA, Denise Hokulani

LETOYA, Peter Santamo and MILLER, Soti Jepkemboi

LONG, Jason William and HOLLIDAY, Amanda Leigh

LOPATA, Greg Royce and BRUMLEY, Lindsay Diane

LOVE, Nicholas Matthew and GIPSON, Kristin Marie

LUCAS, Joshua Alan and HOMANN, Dana Marie

MARIA, Ceja Javier and GARCIA RUELAS, Sandra Raquel

MARTIN, Daniel Thomas and VAN GERPEN, Shala Leanne

MATHISEN, Whitney Solomon and McPETERS, Britany Ellen

MICHAELS, Jeffrey David, Jr. and NEAL, Sirie Elizabeth

MILLS, Emmanuel Melvin and MILNE, Theo Ann

MONTGOMERY, Julian Xavier and NOBLES, Kendra Le Rae

MOORE, Nicholas Michael and PATTISON, Kelly Jean

NAKOUR, Sanad Hasan and ABOSURHAN, Iama Hamad

NEWHOUSE, Aaron James and HAWK, Marena Renee

OSTERHAUG, Bern Christian and WELLIVER, Sarah Elizabeth

PAYAN, Justin Michael and STAVES, Angelica Nicole

PEREGRINE, James Herbert and BRYANT, Mercedes Anne

PORTER, Trevor Joel and ADOLPHSON, Kirstee Lynn

RAJU, Mathew and THOMAS, Sumy Mary


RODRICK, Chris Charles and BOYD, Kaylee Susan

RODRIGUEZ, Miguel Angel and RYLAH, Deidra Lee

RONNIE, Ritchie Lynn and CROSS, Kristi Lou

ROSSOW, Whitney Daiki and BEVERCOMBE, Britney Anne

SANDERS, Vernon Lee, Jr. and KNIGHT, Brenda Jo

SIRES, Matthew Gene and MALSBERRY, Stacy Marie

SMITH, Brandon Douglas Jonathan and DECKER, Chelsea Rae

SNEL, Dirk Reagan and BLASCO, Vine Patricia

TAAN, Joseph Fernando and DIMAPILIS, Maria Leandra Katipunan

TACKETT, Robert William and PATTON, Lillie Nicole

THIBAULT, Joseph Louis, IV and ERWIN, Jessica Charlotte

THOMETZ, Mark David and AALBU, Alexa Ella

THORPE, Douglas Oliver, II and GWALTNEY, Shaundra Noel

TRAN, Don Thieu and BOHLING, Sandra Dawn

VERGARA, Robert Anthony and WOOD, Kelli Juanita

WARE, Kip Eugene and BEATHE-GATELEY, Brenda Lorraine

WHEATON, Christopher John and STRANDY, Linnea Caroline


ADAMS-RALPH, Edward and Elizabeth

AFUALO, Sone and Stephanie

ANNEN, Douglas and Shannon

BAKER, David and Angela


BAYHA, Glenn and Jill

BERESFORD, Chad and Debra

BRUMBELOW, Ashley and LACEY, Erin

BUONTO, H. Jean and Elizabeth

BURKE, Robert and Martha

BURTON, Thomas and Joy

CASTLE, Terry and Maria

DAVIS, Byron and Dorothy

DICK, Brian and DENGAH, Deesie

DUKE, Daniel and Lorrey

ENGELKING, Ben and Lynn

FILLMORE, Eric and Sandra

FISCHER, Thomas and Tonya

GARCIA, James and Lindsey

GLENN, Darin and Julie

GOOD, Toran and Michelle

HAGAN, Craig and Kristen

HALES, John and Emily

HAMILTON, Andrew and Jana

HARRISON, Cory and Melissa

HART, David and Sherri

HICKS, Grady, Jr. and Tonette

KIM, Jang and FISHER, Loretta

KIM, Yong and Chu

KINYANJUI, Douglas and Salome

LOWE, Ty and Christina

MATHESON, Eric and Talena

McDANIEL, Evon and GONZALEZ, Antonia

MILLESON, Jeremy and Michelle

MONROE, Sidney, Jr. and Susan

MORAN, Richard and Theresa

ORLANDO, Michael and Laura

PEARSON, Kean and Jennifer

PEDEN, John and Corinne

PERRY, Rolland and Theresa

RAMIREZ, Adrian and FAUSTO, Manuela

REHMAN, Misbah and HALPERIN, Jennifer


SIANIPAR, Waldez and Angie

SIEMENS, Brian and Pamela

SINNER, Philip and Doylynna

SOTO, Jamie and Ana

SOWNEY, Bradley and Brieanne

SUTER, Sean and Davina


VAN VOLKENBURG, Steven and Janet

WATSON, Jeffrey and DAVIS, Jessica

WHITLOCK, Carl and HOPE, Renee

WITTIG, Thomas, Jr. and Karin

ZIMMERMAN, Gregory, Sr. and Lorraine


April 13: Baldi, Teresa, 56, Mountlake Terrace

April 16: Anzak, Dale, 39, Unknown

April 17: Sattler, James, 59, Sultan

April 21: Bactad, Alexander, 51, Everett

April 22: Drummer, Thomas, 64, Mount Vernon

April 23: Reed, Harold, 72, Edmonds

April 26: Fruehauf, Loretta, 90, Lynnwood

April 28: Chandler, Helen, 88, Mountlake Terrace

May 2: Potter, Janice, 64, Woodinville

May 2: Kurtz, Lenora, 96, Everett

May 3: Huffman, Sharon, 65, Monroe

May 3: Oldring, Mark, 55, Everett

May 3: Dizard, Lawrence, 53, Mountlake Terrace

May 3: Laws, Lloyd, 78, Lynnwood

May 3: Russell, Joyce, 88, Edmonds

May 4: Binion, Patricia, 62, Snohomish

May 4: Leidholm, Astrid, 77, Lynnwood

May 5: Dolph, Clarence, 65, Arlington

May 5: Logan, Marian, 90, Everett

May 5: Read, Jack, 14 days, Snohomish

May 5: Robinson, Raymond, 75, Everett

May 5: Sandberg, Alvin, 80, Stanwood

May 5: Stier, Sharon 65, Everett

May 5: Brenden, David, 65, Edmonds

May 5: Odegard, Robin, 49, Snohomish

May 5: Walton, Virginia, 79, Stanwood

May 5: Indra, Frank, 84, Marysville

May 5: Singer, Elizabeth, 89, Edmonds

May 6: McMaster, Franklin, 66, Everett

May 6: Meyers, Sandra, 65, Everett

May 6: Mitchell, James, 87, Lake Stevens

May 6: Sorge, Jack, 79, Bothell

May 6: Burkard, Joseph, 89, Monroe

May 6: Harrington, Jeffrey, 59, Snohomish

May 6: Grosso, Shirley, 87, Edmonds

May 6: Bonnett, George, 80, Bothell

May 6: Lee, Iven, 81, Snohomish

May 6: Baxter, Gordon, 94, Bothell

May 7: Lock, Tung, 81, Everett

May 7: Miller, William, 88, Lake Stevens

May 7: Vert, Robert, 84, Marysville

May 7: Weyburg, Ross, 69, Everett

May 7: Sayre, Loretta, 98, Snohomish

May 7: Stout, Lenore, 95, Lynnwood

May 7: Pak, Suk, 87, Lynnwood

May 7: Ford, Elizabeth, 90, Stanwood

May 7: Joyner, Barbara, 81, Evertt

May 7: Morris, Ethel, 92, Edmonds

May 8: Ollis, Wanda, 85, Everett

May 8: Clapson, Annamay, 93, Arlington

May 8: Judson, Georgia, 96, Everett

May 8: Small, Shirley, 88, Everett

May 8: Stovall, Mable, 75, Everett

May 8: Raymond, Lana, 62, Edmonds

May 9: Culver, Walter, 76, Marysville

May 9: Frye, Dorothy, 95, Lake Stevens

May 9: Gay, Viola, 97, Mill Creek

May 9: Ghumman, Pritam, 69, Lynnwood

May 9: Cameros, Emiliano, 82, Everett

May 9: Trieschmann, Frank, 68, Everett

May 9: Rashkov, Esther, 90, Lynnwood

May 9: Van Buskirk, William, 87, Lake Stevens

May 9: Heiser, Gary, 77, Marysville

May 9: Sofie, Joshua, 33, Marysville

May 10: Furlong-Wigner, Louise, 91, Arlington

May 10: Carrington, William, 79, Everett

May 10: Skingley, Jennifer, 55, Edmonds

May 10: Swendsen, Linda, 55, Lake Stevens

May 10: Dopp, Leo, 92, Mukilteo

May 10: Piper, Gloria, 87, Everett

May 10: Sibolboro, Sabina, 85, Everett

May 10: Springer, Deborah, 53, Mukilteo

May 10: French, Lonnie, 64, Monroe

May 10: Miller, Laurence, 84, Bothell

May 11: Newcombe, Wanda, 74, Everett

May 11: Birdsall, Marian, 76, Lynnwood

May 11: Brooks, William, 75, Lynnwood

May 11: Chambard, Candice, 40, Sultan

May 11: Jenkins, Herbert, 72, Edmonds

May 11: Mocek, Sharon, 68, Marysville

May 11: Waud, David, 65, Arlington

May 12: Crim, Michael, 40, Arlington

May 12: Erickson, Ida, 95, Everett

May 12: Agag, Sr., Jessie, 57, Mill Creek

May 12: Gubbels, Timothy, 50, Lynnwood

May 12: Jorgensen, Timothy, 65, Edmonds

May 13: Hazelbrook, Irene, 94, Sultan

May 13: Pauls, Gini, 76, Marysville

May 14: Brown, Christine, 52, Everett

May 14: Fernen, Darrell, 87, Lynnwood

May 14: Passov, Martha, 91, Stanwood

May 15: Howard, Sheryl, 54, Arlington


Swedish Edmonds Hospital, Edmonds

THOMPSON, Denise and Ryan, Lake Stevens, girl, March 24

GERHARDT, Kerry and Bruce, Edmonds, boy, May 11

WESTPHALL, Kayla and MASSRUHA, Chris, Lynnwood, girl, May 13

CAMPOS, Jenni and Benjamin, Lynnwood, girl, May 14

BLEVINS, Victoria and Jason, Everett, boy, May 14

DANBERG, Samantha and Kevin, Edmonds, boy, May 14

HENSON, Brisa and McCORMICK, Chris, Lynnwood, boy, May 17