Vital Statistics

Marriage licenses

DAVEY, Robert Kenneth, Jr. and ALLRED, Ann Marie

MWANGI, Edward Maina and NJAU, Serah Wambui

RICHARDSON, Kelly Duane and SATTERTHWAITE, Casey Janet

SIGMON, Kyle Lee and CARTER, Austin Michelle

HARDELAND, Cory Alan and CLAPHAN, Krickett Diane Beverly

LOWENSTEIN, John Hardy and KANE, Rena Renee

CORN, Kyle Philip and JONES, Jennifer Arlane

MERGELE, Edwin Walter, IV and CLEEVE, Coleen O’Leary

NETTLES, Robert James and HONARI, Yalda Crystal

ZAFFINA, Jamie Christian and HUN, Kristine Long

BLUBAUGH, Mark Joseph and ZECH, Jodi Leanne

JERNIGAN, Brian Keith and PHELPS, Tammy Lynn

FRYMAN, David William and THOMS, Teresa Christine

LUQUIN, Rafael and FABREGAS, Jessie Jaimes

BROWN, Avril Quama and KLINGELE, Marlene Ntanga

HANEY, Christopher Randal and CHAPMAN, Jennifer Marie

WILLIAMS, Aaron Edward and HALDEMAN, Tiffany Lynn

MENDEZ, Gerardo Castillo and ST. CLAIR, Amanda Janel

VONGNAKHONE, Scott Michael and GALL, Sarina Elise

VANDEGRAFT, Kenneth Bruce and CLINE, Debra Lynn

WATTLES, Derek Gavin and NELSON, Kristi Louise

GARCIA, Ivan and McGHAN, Lindsay Christina

MEDINA, Oscar Alexander and GOMEZ, Patricia

CAMPBELL, Robert Gene and WEBER, Jamie Lynn

BURKHALTER, Douglas Brian and PHILLIPS, Andrea Catherine

WAHL, Daniel Erving and THOEN, Love Kalian

HAVENS, Kollin James and ANDREAS, Hollie Marie

McGINNIS, Theodore Keith and BAHAA EL DIN, Shoukry Marwa

MARTINEZ, Camilo Efrain and VELASQUEZ, Aguilar Yadira

MELAKU, Dawit Mekete and AYINALEM, Adanech Addisu

KLINE, Joshua Willard and MITCHELL, Sharla Marie

DUNLAP, Mason Rubino and MACK, Jennifer Elizabeth

MALDONADO, Raul, Jr. and FOURNIER, Kala Dawn

SPENCER, Hunter Cliffton and COTE, Aimee Joyelle

DALMACEDA, Celso Laeno, Jr. and VANPARYS, Lisabeth Grace

MARTIN, Christopher Daniel and HARRISON, Jennifer Lynn

SILVA RAMIREZ, Oscar Manuel and RODRIGUEZ, Maria Isabel

CHADDOCK, Christopher Daniel and LARSEN, Alyssa Michelle

FRITCH, Nicholas William and TANNER, Lindsey Rae

DONNELSON, Curtis James and CARDIN, Tabitha Marie

SCHAUER, Jody Sheldon and STORRY, Michelle Miriam

AL AZADI, Awn and RIKABI, Zainab Adil

GALBREATH, Donek Annan and WEBB, Sarah Lynn

JONES, Kristopher L. and FITZGERALD, Kailyn Mae

PACK, Michael John and SCOGGINS, Madelet Fatma

MICKELBERRY, Steven Craig and LIBBY, Julie Ann

GRANATH, Bradford Deahl, II and McKINNEY, Caitlyn Elizabeth

AURE, Kevin Lars and STEELMAN, Sarah Renee

MYERS, John Ellwood and ALLEN, Giinger Rosalie

SIMPSON, David Adam and ROTH, Alisa Marie

BLACKSHIRE, Nicholas Darwin and McBRYDE, Brandi Lynn

GREGORY, Patrick Alan and COUGHLIN, Stacey Danielle

WORSTER, Brent O’Brian and BEACH, Melissa Marie

MILLER, Jacob Ryan and FREEMAN, Deanna Marie

FREEMAN, Brandon James and NEELEY, Sierra Suzanne

BREUER, Benjamin Nicholas and REAMS, Amanda Christine

KEMP, Richard Alvin and INONG MAYWELL, Lynn Leones

PALMER, Travis Gordon and WELCOME, Mindy Lynn

SAMSONOV, Eduard Nicolaevich and MORGAN, Marie

BURNS, John Francis and VA’GO, Gabriella Katalin

McDANIEL, Christopher Lee and MOE, Lisa Marie

FLEET, Robert Verne and DAVIS, Peggy Rhene

MITCHELL, Jeffrey Ross and FISCHER, Christina Jane

SNELL, David Howard and DUKE, Sherry Lynn

DREYER, Timothy Edward and COOPER, Christine Cara

VILLWOCK, David Bryan and HONS, Holly Kay

BOWERS, Tanner James and CORSER, Hilary Rose

ARNOLD, Franklin Douglas, II and HALL, Adana Schree

McBRYDE, James Shannon and LY, Tran Thoai

NOLAN, Daniel Patrick and RODRIGUEZ, Luz Coraly

BATES, Joshua Ryan and McDANIEL, Alicia Ann

LEACH, Adam Gregory and HAVENS, Keri

DANKYI, Edmond and MENSAH, Joyce


March 7: Babiak, Agrafena, 84, Edmonds

March 3: Batton, Robert, 84, Monroe

March 3: Borchard, Joan, 82, Lynnwood

March 5: Bond, Donald, 79, Everett

March 3: Brown, Theodore, 77, Edmonds

March 2: Carlson, Arthur, 59, Snohomish

Feb. 25: Coffin, Harold, 79, Everett

March 5: Dills, Flonnie, 95, Arlington

March 5: Ebert, Andrew, 91, Marysville

March 6: Foley, Mary, 59, Everett

March 4: Green, Ethel, 93, Lynnwood

March 6: Greeninger, Eugene, 81, Mukilteo

March 3: Horne, Melba, 88, Lake Stevens

March 4: Johnson, Helen, 77, Snohomish

Feb. 25: Lingren, Robert, 77, Mill Creek

March 5: Lunstrum, Richard, 89, Edmonds

March 5: Olson, Orrin, 94, Edmonds

March 2: Payne, Edna, 93, Everett

March 1: Piispanen, Helen, 90, Monroe

March 1: Poucher, James, 56, Marysville

March 2: Rafter, Lillian, 94, Lynnwood

Feb. 28: Richardson, Evelyn, 99, Everett

March 6: Rodgers, Rose, 85, Everett

March 3: Sanders, Nancy, 60, Edmonds

March 6: Sharkey, Augustus, 90, Arlington

March 4: Tupper, Kenneth, 83, Stanwood

Feb. 12: Warehime, Laurie, 54, Edmonds

March 3: Wright, Ruby, 94, Everett

March 3: Wood, Donald, 77, Everett

March 7: Brooks, Jo, 77, Snohomish

March 6: Chelos, Sophie, 86, Edmonds

March 2: Decker, Joseph, 66, Arlington

March 7: Kuhnt, Irmgrad, 89, Lynnwood

Feb. 28: Lockyer, Jesse, 90, Snohomish

March 3: McLeod, Richy, 59, Everett

March 7: Olson, Bert, 86, Mukilteo

March 6: Sener, Roberta, 91, Marysville

March 8: Peloyo Sr., Gonzalo, 57, Everett

March 4: Pauley, Yvonne, 79, Everett

March 5: Anni, Thompson, 31, Everett

March 1: Blessworth, Nancy, 59, Lynnwood

March 3: Bortko, Lillian, 89, Bothell

March 7: Curley, Joan, 83, Everett

March 7: Durham, Jesse, 56, Stanwood

March 7: Gillespie (aka Griffin), Misty, 56, Marysville

March 6: Green, Dorothy, 88, Arlington

March 7: Johnson, Karen, 52, Marysville

March 6: Hagen, Maybelle, 78, Tulalip

March 3: Halverson, Norman, 65, Everett

March 8: Hoffman, Randall, 54, Marysville

March 11: Johnston, Tamra, 48, Marysville

March 4: Jordahl, Sylvia, 90, Tulalip

March 6: Koniges, Nancy, 80, Lynnwood

March 2: Neilman, Joesph, 78, Everett

March 2: Richards, Eleanora, 97, Lynnwood

March 9: Wisbeck, Nancy, 90, Everett

March 8: Anderson, Evelyn, 83, Lake Stevens

March 9: Behrens, Edward, 95, Everett

March 7: Bell, Edna, 101, Stanwood

March 8: Doll, Gladys, 93, Snohomish

March 13: Friend, Patricia, 73, Lynnwood

March 8: Hansen, Catherine, 84, Everett

March 7: Haringa, Dirk, 43, Granite Falls

March 6: LeBoeuf, Reynaud, 70, Everett

March 7: Moore Wood, Olive, 93, Stanwood

March 8: Rhode, Eutha, 71, Lake Stevens

March 11: Weight, Wilfred, 91, Edmonds

March 5: Brend, Gloria, 81, Everett

March 8: Carpenter, Edward, 90, Stanwood

March 11: Evenson, Olive, 98, Marysville

March 11: Ferreiro, Patricia, 32, Lynnwood

March 8: Fink, Joseph, 81, Burlington

March 13: Goldthorpe, Nathaniel, 69, Everett

March 11: Hopkins, Joan, 84, Everett

March 11: Johnson, Eleanor, 85, Stanwood

March 10: Karlson, Melvin, 92, Stanwood

March 12: Leary, James, 77, Mukilteo

March 9: Leverington, Kenneth, 89, Lake Stevens

March 11: Lowell, Paulette, 62, Marysville

March 10: Miller, Donald, 80, Camano Island

March 9: Nation, Lucille, 93, Everett

March 12: Ostman, Charles, 88, Lake Stevens

Feb. 27: Pack, Beatrice, 90, Mill Creek

March 10: Peterson, Sr., Frank, 88, Arlington

March 6: Pierce, Robert, 80, Camano Island

March 9: Power, Lauren, 58, Everett

March 7: Prouty, John, 83, Marysville

March 12: Romero-Amado, Alvaro, 74, Monroe

March 9: Shue, Marie, 88, Stanwood

March 9: Sieben, Samuel, 63, Snohomish

March 9: Trautman, Marcella, 79, Marysville

March 8: Tusty, Richard, 83, Marysville

March 12: Williams, James, 56, Marysille


Providence Regional Medical Center, Everett

PIERCE, Cassie and BOWMAN, Riley, Everett, boy, Feb. 28

Cascade Valley Hospital, Arlington

AMRINE, Adrean and ANDERSON, Jeremiah, Marysville, girl, March 5

YOUNG, Arlene and Brian, Arlington, girl, March 6

GREUB-MILLER, Tamara and MILLER, Scott, Marysville, boy, March 7

JOHNSON, Lisa, Marysville, boy, March 14

KONNEH, Muaya and BILITY, Karfala, Marysville, boy, March 14

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