Ah, Sugar, ah, Honey, Honey

Jon Bauer, Herald staff

I just can’t believe the loveliness of loving you: Feuding co-CEOs at Archie comics ended their court battle with a settlement that returned one of them to the post she had been removed from at the venerable comic book publisher.

Most details of the settlement were not released, but a spokesman said that the two agreed to disagree on who was cuter, Betty or Veronica.

Together at last: Community leaders in Boring, Ore., have voted in favor of a sister-city arrangement with the Scottish village of Dull. Both communities plan to sell Dull and Boring T-shirts to boost tourism.

Meanwhile, the Chamber of Commerce in Humptulips is still waiting to hear back from Intercourse, Pa., and Hooker, Okla.

The Curtain rises: Archaeologists in London say they have unearthed the remains of the Curtain Theatre, which opened in 1577 and where “Henry V” and other plays by William Shakespeare were first performed before the better known Globe Theatre was built across the Thames.

Along with a courtyard and gallery walls, the archaeology team discovered perfectly preserved packages of Mike and Ikes, a half-full tub of popcorn and a poster for “The Taming of the Shrew 2: Katherina’s Big Night Out.”