Personal finance columnist Michelle Singletary cautions readers that bad advice abounds on the Internet — and not just on inconsequential quandaries like whether you should skip Season One of “Breaking Bad,” but also on the stuff that’s important, like selecting a long-term care center.

A caveat: If you must choose between advice proffered by a sketchy website and your brother-in-law, go with the website. Even if it’s got a .ru suffix.

Want TV with that? McDonald’s is launching its very own in-store television channel.

It’ll be kind of like North Korean state TV, in that it will never broadcast certain kinds of content. But instead of avoiding any mention of crop failures, mass starvation and the late Dear Leader’s elevator shoes, the M. Channel will omit all news about e. coli, pink slime and America’s obesity epidemic.

Way down South: In Mississippi, a man turned to the American Civil Liberties Union after the state told him he couldn’t change his last name to that of his wife because it wasn’t traditional.

Now, if the guy had taken his cousin’s surname, that would have been no problem.

— Mark Carlson, Herald staff

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