Call Mr. Plow, that’s the name, that name again is Mr. Plow

Jon Bauer, Herald staff

One of our plows is missing: Everett School District employees reported that one of the district’s snow plows was stolen from an equipment lot during the recent snowstorm.

Suspicion has fallen on those in the area with snow-free driveways who weren’t sweaty and breathless from shoveling.

My money’s on the one in the orange parka: The National Weather Service in Seattle was predicting that heavy snow would continue to fall today on Snohomish County, even as Seattle seemed to escape the brunt of the storm.

The lack of snow in Seattle sent TV news crews north to file their reports and nearly came to blows when two TV reporters laid competing claims to a stranded motorist and threatened to go Snowpocalypse on each other.

Department of Astronomical Irony: Scientists confirmed that 15 pounds of rock that fell to earth in Morocco during a meteorite shower in July are ancient chunks of Mars that were blown clear of the planet when it was struck by comet or meteorite.

Russian scientists, who were already lamenting the recent loss of their Mars probe that was to send back soil samples from the Red Planet, upon hearing the news, beat their heads against the chunks of Mars.