‘Calling in sick’ no joking matter

Oh, for Pete’s sake. I’m spitting up coffee. Columnist Wayne Kruse gets silly for a minute about taking sick leave to go fishing. (Thursday, “Anglers have plenty of reasons to call in sick”). Personally, I wish Wayne hadn’t written that. But, surely Wayne was paid by his employer to go fishing when he was a full-time sports columnist at this newspaper, so I’m doubting he ever felt the need to abuse sick leave himself.

I’m more irritated that The Herald’s headline writers jumped into the act and turned one sentence into the story’s title. Then, more editors piled on and used this one little line to top the entire Sports page. Even that wasn’t enough, though. Next, Wayne’s single sentence jumped all the way to the front page of my favorite newspaper.

Do you folks have any idea how much sick leave abuses cost private and public employers? Do you even know how much it costs your own employer, The Herald? Let’s all laugh about it, and encourage others to do the same, while the ship sinks.

Dale Preboski