Careful out there

By Doug Parry, Herald staff

It’s Black Friday, and police warn shoppers to be on the lookout. Among the dangers:

* Car prowlers: People tend to leave their iPods and iPhones unguarded, often because they’re distracted by the sight of shiny new iPads.

* Car invaders: Police say to check your back seat when you leave the parking lot to make sure no one is camping there. The scent of alcohol should be your first clue.

* Thieves: Officials warn not to wear flashy jewelry because it attracts crooks. But seriously, why own a diamond brooch if you can’t wear it to Target?

* Wild animals: Sightings increase every year on the Friday after Thanksgiving. The beasts are characterized by crazed eyes and drooling mouths and are most often seen on caffeine-fueled rampages through Wal-Mart’s front door.

Keep out: Mukilteo voters came out firmly against annexation, but that’s not the end of the issue. Lynnwood could eventually swoop in and gobble up some of the area that city residents didn’t want.

Undeterred, Mukilteo’s Harbour Pointe neighborhood is moving forward with plans to annex more unnecessary vowels and become Harbeaour Pointee.