Cast aspersions at expense of facts

Responding to the March 12 letter, “Too many women fall for his tricks”: Where does the writer get her “facts”? She has a wild imagination. First, no woman I know who supports President Obama “drools and swoons” over him. In fact, we who support the president admire and respect him.

Something else you need to accept — the majority of people, men and women. Again, the majority of men and women support the health-care program Obama put in place. It is the Affordable Care Act (your mean side calls it Obamacare). The majority even wanted more (Obama had to remove the public option due to the opposition from the right in Congress).

The dear letter writer is in the minority, and it is my hope she and others like her remain in the minority. Where does she get her facts? The Affordable Care Act will reduce health-care costs. Reduce.

No matter what Obama does, his opponents will twist it into something negative. That is their strategy. It doesn’t have to be based on fact, the writer’s side just says what they want, no matter how mean and inaccurate it is.

Lastly, even Obama does not like his decision to accept campaign funds from corporations, but it has become unbearably expensive to run for any elected office these days. The right-leaning Supreme Court removed reasonable limits in its Citizens United ruling, and those on that side ran with it, forcing Obama to get into that kind of fundraising.

If the writer wants to argue the ills of government and what is happening to this country, she can look in the mirror at the people on her side and she will see what is wrong.

Molly Robertson