Coaching choice signals sad shift

Congratulations to Washington State University Athletic Director Bill Moos on his early Christmas present. I hope he is happy, and proud. I disagree with his assessment of football coach Paul Wulff, and his team, as doormats of the league.

If putting your students’ and athletes’ best interests above your own is unpopular, then I want to be a doormat. If instilling integrity and respect while stressing academic proficiency above wins and losses is unpopular, then I want to be a doormat.

It is sad Moos did not learn these concepts when he was a student. As Coach Wulff stated, “We don’t eat our own.” We also don’t kick our own to the curb, or throw our own under the bus. Maybe Mr. Moos should change the mission statement of the university to “Dollars Before Diplomas!”

Have you checked Mike Leach’s resume? He is a law graduate, he left Texas Tech with ill feelings, and sued them.

Remember Rick New-Weasel, also a law graduate and violations veteran? He came to the UW from Colorado, looking like Wally Cleaver, only to be shown as the Eddie Haskell that he is.

Slick Rick, a law graduate, claimed ignorance in a basketball-pool scandal, a very predictable, presidential excuse. I fear a win-at-all-costs attitude is a slippery slope from which nothing good can come. Ask Joe Paterno.

I want to thank Coach Wulff for his service and selfless commitment to a great university. He is a fine example of the character and integrity one may acquire while attending Washington State.

The time and effort he invested into these young people is an investment in their futures. That is what I call “invisible wins” and that is more important than any bowl game. How many Ivy League teams go to bowl games? Enough said.

Coach Wulff will go far in life, not just football.

Remember, first and foremost, to thine own self be true. Good luck, and Go Cougs.

Hugh Armstrong


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