Ever Green State Fair

Blue ribbon ideas: The Evergreen State Fair, looking to reduce the amount of trash hauled to the landfill, will encourage people to use recycling bins set up throughout the fairgrounds and will also examine what is thrown out to determine the effectiveness of the program.

We think the fair could cut down on waste by:

  • Handing out returnable growler jugs at the Purple Cow stand;
  • Offering stuffed animals as prizes at the “Throw Recyclables into the Bin” game; and
  • Wrapping Fisher scones in a Fisher scone.

Whiter shade of pale: Scientists in Antarctica have discovered an ecosystem of single-cell organisms a half-mile beneath the ice that survive without ever seeing the light of the sun.

Big deal. We do that every November through June.

Won’t need the sunscreen: The Old Farmer’s Almanac is forecasting a “super-cold” winter in the Northeast.

An ecosystem of single-cell organisms already has booked flights from Antarctica to New York and has asked about tickets to “The Tonight Show” to see Jimmy Fallon.

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