Got pot?

Roll another one, just like the other one: The state’s first legal sales of recreational marijuana begin Tuesday, but demand may outstrip supply as some pot stores scramble to find enough product.

To ensure adequate inventory, the state is instituting a strict “no bogarting” policy. Those rolling joints can buy pot on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Those using bongs can buy on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Headbanger’s bawl: German doctors have treated a fan of the heavy metal band Motorhead for a brain injury caused in part by the fan’s headbanging, the violent shaking of the head forward and back.

Until the injury fully heals, doctors are prescribing a strict musical diet of James Taylor, Carole King and Kenny G.

Houston, we have a problem: CBS’s new miniseries, “Extant,” premieres Wednesday and stars Halle Berry as an astronaut who has returned to earth after a 13-month-long solo mission aboard a space station. The problem is she’s pregnant.

Apparently, in the future the U.S. space program isn’t run by NASA; it’s run by Hobby Lobby.

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