Have it your way

Have it your way

After sliding to the No. 3 spot behind McDonald’s and Wendy’s on the fast-food list, Burger King hopes to turn things around with a new menu that features salads, wraps and smoothies.

“We focused on burgers maybe longer than we should have,” a longtime Burger King franchisee noted. Actually, you focused on that creepy plastic king mascot for longer than you should have.

Dress code: “Somewhere along the line, Casual Fridays have become Casual Every Day,” writes the Oakland Tribune’s Angela Hill. Even swank San Francisco restaurants report patrons clad in baggy shorts and logo T-shirts.

Believe it or not, people still dress for dinner. Except now, instead of French cuffs, hungry diners prepare by donning size 4XL relaxed-fit cargo shorts.

If I could read your mind: The head of the General Services Administration has resigned amid reports of lavish spending at a Nevada retreat in 2010.

Among the questionable expenditures was $3,200 for a mind reader, but you’ve got to admit that the guy earned his money by predicting, “You will be forced to resign when the public finds out that you paid me $3,200.”

— Mark Carlson, Herald staff