Heart disease needs awareness

I believe this is breast cancer awareness month. Although I personally have not had to deal with this dreaded disease, many friends and family certainly have.

That being said, I would like to bring up something equally important to women’s health. That is heart disease in women. Most people do not think of heart disease as a women’s disease. However, more than four times the number of women who lose their lives from breast cancer, will die from heart disease! Some find that to be stunning. In fact, not only will several thousand die from heart disease, but the number will exceed all cancers in women. That includes, cervical, ovarian and of course breast cancer.

I am not saying that we should not be aware of breast cancer and what it can do, but let us not forget that their are many other cancers that effect women, and that heart disease remains the biggest killer. I wonder why I never see any fund raisers, walks or any other community efforts to raise the awareness of heart disease in women.

Linda Varon