House just needs to OK legislation

This is in response to the letter on immigration, “Enforce system that already exists.” It is blasphemy to suggest that anyone should vote against any incumbent that has served two terms, regardless whether that person is a Democrat or Republican. The Senate passed a comprehensive immigration bill many months ago, but the Boehner House of Representatives has failed to take up this legislation.

The tea party wing of the Republican Party is to blame for lack of action. All John Boehner has to do is defy the tea party and bring this legislation to the floor of the House. It might surprise many that it would pass!

There are many incumbents (Democrat and Republican) who are attempting to do their job and should be reelected. President Obama should not be blamed for the recent crisis on our southern border. Since the Republican Congress failed in two attempts to pass immigration crisis legislation, our president should take executive action to temporarily ease the crisis.

Wesley Malone


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