Knee-deep rain?

Jon Bauer, The Herald

Nice work if you can get it: Snohomish Slew, the “frognosticating” bullfrog, is expected to make his prediction for spring’s arrival during GroundFrog Day in Snohomish on Saturday. As a bullfrog, however, Slew isn’t a native amphibian and can’t be released into the wild. After the day’s events he will be returned to his tank, where he’s fed earthworms and crickets.

In that respect, Slew’s life is remarkably similar to that of most Seattle TV weather forecasters.

You can see Dr. House now: Puget Park Drive-In, the county’s last drive-in movie screen, will soon be torn down to make way for an emergency care center being built by Swedish Health Services.

But we think Swedish can save a bunch of money on waiting room TVs by putting in a big picture window, leaving the drive-in screen up and then showing a marathon of “Grey’s Anatomy” and “House” episodes.

It’s all happening at the zoo: Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo is inviting parents to drop off their kids on four evenings this year, allowing them to go out for the night and then return for their kids later.

And with the zoo soon closing its nocturnal house, kids will be offered the chance to take home a two-toed sloth, a three-banded armadillo or a straw-colored fruit bat.