Last throes

Last throes

She was dead in the polls anyway: Liz Cheney has pulled the plug on her Senate campaign in Wyoming, citing “serious health issues” in her family.

The daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney didn’t elaborate on those health issues, but The Buzz assumes they were caused by the dagger glares Liz has been getting from sister Mary ever since she denounced same-sex marriage.

Happy birthday, Mr. Psychopath: Dennis Rodman says he’s organizing a basketball game in North Korea with former NBA players, including one-time Sonic Vin Baker, as a birthday present for chubby-cheeked despot Kim Jong Un.

Careful, Dennis: Remember the unfortunate uncle who was either blown apart by anti-tank guns or fed to ravenous dogs, depending on which unverified Chinese news report you choose to believe? Turns out he got on the boy dictator’s bad side by giving him the wrong kind of Legos for his birthday last year.

Pack up your knives: Resolving to lose weight? Check out ideas from a former “Top Chef” winner. Oddly, he doesn’t mention the best idea of all: Hire Padma Lakshmi’s personal trainer.

— Mark Carlson, Herald staff