Low T

Low T

Prescription medication aimed at boosting testosterone has become a booming business for drugmakers, even though it’s unclear whether the injections and topical creams are safe.

In addition, many doctors say they don’t know whether the products even boost testosterone. To know for sure, we’ll have to watch out for widespread outbreaks of chest bumps, road rage, bar fights and wars.

There must be testosterone in his pizza: Campaigning in Florida on Sunday, President Barack Obama was wrapped in a bear hug and lifted off the ground by the owner of a pizza shop in Fort Pierce, Fla.

The president marveled at the pizza guy’s strength. The Buzz marvels at the fact that he wasn’t body-slammed by a dozen Secret Service agents.

Name game: The most popular names for girls change a lot more than for boys, government records show. Classic boy names like John and William never seem to go out of style, while traditional girl names like Mary have fallen out of favor.

The reasons for this are unclear, but The Buzz believes that any parent who would name their baby girl “Bertha” in the 21st century would likely be reported to Child Protective Services.

— Mark Carlson, Herald staff