Mucking about in Mukilteo

Keep clam and carry prawns: The Herald’s monthly Tourist in Your Own Town series takes us to Mukilteo to stroll its beaches and farmers market, tour the lighthouse and enjoy a microbrew and a basket of fish and chips.

The story confirms that Mukilteo is a Coast Salish Lushootseed word for “good camping ground,” and not “Do not block driveway when in line for ferry.”

Stick to the nuts and berries, Yogi: Three people in Florida face fines and community service for feeding bears after a woman was mauled by a bear that had become accustomed to human food and had lost its natural fear of people.

We know some folks will continue to feed bears, so we’ll offer this one tip: Offer the bear a choice of honey, ketchup or steak sauce. Then apply it liberally to your head.

I thought I smelled patchouli: Some 10,000 members of the “Rainbow Family,” nudists and other free spirits are expected to cram into a national forest in Utah. Some, who arrived early to set up camp, crashed a nearby wedding reception and raided food platters.

Spared the fate of most bears, the Rainbow Family members, now accustomed to human food and demonstrating their natural lack of manners, were trapped, tagged and released deeper into the wild.

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