Nice asters

Jon Bauer, Herald staff

As Ciscoe says, Oh, la, la: A Boulder, Colo., housing authority has announced new rules that specifically prohibit women from gardening topless after it heard complaints about a woman who did her weeding wearing only a yellow thong and pink gardening gloves.

Really, she should have known better: You’re not allowed to be seen like that unless you’re selling lattes.

  • This is your captain striking: A three-day strike by British Airways cabin crews was expected to begin today after last-ditch negotiations collapsed, forcing the cancellation of about 35 percent of its schedule.

    British Air passengers who already have tickets for flights today should not be concerned about a walkout, unless they see pilots and the rest of the crew boarding with parachutes on their backs.

  • Oh, and say, ‘Pretty please’: EADS, the Paris-based European aircraft giant, says it might reconsider making a bid to build the U.S. Air Force’s new aerial refueling tankers, if the Pentagon agrees to extend the deadline for bids 90 days and if it has “a fair chance to win” against Boeing’s bid.

    That’s like your kid telling his teacher he might do his homework, if she’ll let him turn it in late and “give me a good grade.”