No anticipation any longer

Jon Bauer, Herald staff

It’s keeping me wai, ai, ai, ai, ai, aiting: Some 40 years after the first ketchup packet sprayed its tomatoey goodness all over someone’s shirt, the makers of Heinz ketchup have introduced a new to-go packet that allows for either dipping or squeezing.

Now if Heinz could just develop packet technology that would prevent people from putting ketchup on a hot dog.

  • Saturday night’s all right for fighting: We told you recently that the British government had banned certain drinking games in pubs. Continuing to look out for binge drinkers, the Brits have unveiled a shatterproof pint glass that will stop drunken patrons from using glass shards in barroom brawls.

    The pint glasses can still be used in a pub fight, of course, but they clean up easily and can be quickly refilled for each brawler.

  • Paper hearts: In his State of the County speech, Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon says he wants to end the bickering between himself and the County Council and stop relying on “the front pages of local newspapers” for communications.

    What’s wrong with communicating through the paper? But instead of sniping, we invite Reardon and the council to send each other a Valentine’s Day Love Line in The Herald’s classifieds.