Oh, that election

Democracy inaction: Pressed for time, the Legislature made no provision before adjourning to pay for the estimated $1 million cost of a special election to fill the final month of U.S. Rep. Jay Inslee’s 1st District seat, following his resignation to run for governor (Page B1).

To save money the election will be piggybacked with an upcoming episode of “American Idol” with each candidate paired up with one of the remaining singers for a duet.

Nope, at long last, no shame here: Echoing a claim last made during the McCarthy era, a Florida congressman said that as many as 81 Democrats in Congress are “members of the Communist Party,” though Rep. Allen West, R-Tail Gun Turret, did not provide any names.

Representatives for the Communist Party USA denied that any member of Congress, Democrat or Republican, belongs to the party. “We’ve got a tough enough time with our reputation,” said a spokesman, “without having to associate with one of them.”

Nothing but his legal briefs: A judge in Alabama ordered a man to serve three days in jail for contempt of court for wearing saggy pants during a hearing.

The judge declined comment on just what he was wearing beneath his robe.

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