Paint it white

Any color you want as long as it’s black: Apple says that if you want one of the new iPhone 4s in white, rather than the standard black, you’re going to have wait until later in the year; they’re more difficult to manufacture than the black models, it says.

Those who want an iPhone, white or black, actually capable of making and receiving phone calls may have to wait even longer.

  • Currying competition: Apple’s iPad tablet computer may have some competition, much cheaper competition. The government of India is looking for a manufacturer for its prototype tablet computer that it says could sell for $35, compared to the iPad’s base price of $499.

    Likewise, Thailand was working on its own tablet computer, but Apple got wind of it and threatened to sue over the proposed name: the iPhad Thai.

  • Dad, it’s been five months; aren’t we there yet? Parents can mix a little history into a summer trip by taking the kids on the Oregon Trail, where pioneers made the journey west by mule and wagon.

    If you really want to make history come alive for the kids, pack the van with stores of flour, corn meal, lard, coffee, dried fruit and pemmican, then leave the gas tank empty and hitch up to a pair of oxen.

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