Pork belly futures

Jon Bauer, Herald staff

Can you put that all in a bowl for me? Starting Thursday, Burger King will offer its summer menu, which includes several barbecue-style burgers and sandwiches and frozen lemonade. But Burger King also is offering an ice cream sundae topped with bacon bits and served with a strip of bacon.

Not satisfied with giving the world a bacon-flavored ice cream treat, Burger King is in talks with a pharmaceutical maker to offer its customers over-the-counter chewable Lipitor. Infused with bacon.

Cue “Ashokan Farewell”: The crew of the USS Abraham Lincoln was treated to a special screening of the new movie, “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.”

Vampire hunter? Isn’t that just like that elitist Ken Burns to spend all that time in his “Civil War” documentary telling us about Lincoln freeing the slaves and preserving the union and leave out the best part about him mowing down vampires?

Bitter Former Sonic Fan Thought of the Day: Yes, the Oklahoma Thunder won the first game of the NBA Finals on Tuesday night.

But Seattle fans should be gracious and understand that Oklahoma City offers limited entertainment options; this is at the top of “things to do” list on the city website: A naturalist-led “hike” through downtown to discover “how Mother Nature always finds a home, even amid skyscrapers.”