Product-placement edition

Jon Bauer, Herald staff

No thanks; we’ll walk: Britain’s military has set up surface-to-air Rapier missiles on the outskirts of London capable of taking down a 747, if a jet were to be used in an attempted terrorist attack on London’s Summer Olympics.

Passengers flying into London this summer will be allowed to pack their carry-on luggage with extra antiperspirant and Depends disposable underwear.

Making the world safe for Spandex: The superhero-heavy “The Avengers” opens today with not one but seven do-gooders saving the world (or at least Manhattan) from an evil super villain. Herald reviewer Robert Horton calls it an over-the-top but witty superhero summit meeting.

But at a few seconds shy of 142 minutes, and having bought the medium gallon-sized soda before the previews, you’re going to need those Depends again.

Time to use the bat signal: After teasing fans with a four-game win streak, the Seattle Mariners notched their sixth straight loss, this time losing 4-3 to the Tampa Bay Rays. A lack of clutch hitting, with three M’s in Thursday’s lineup hitting below .200, gets the blame.

And what can disappointed Mariner fans use to catch the flood of bitter tears of frustration and bewilderment?