Rep. Comrade

Rep. Comrade

The gentleman from Havana: Fidel Castro says he plans to come out of retirement and serve as a legislator in Cuba’s parliament.

After decades of iron-fisted rule in the Communist state, the 86-year-old former dictator says he now wants to find out what it’s like to be a rubber stamp.

Festival! The successful firing of a rocket Wednesday was a clear sign that chubby-cheeked North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un will carry on with his vertically challenged father Kim Jong Il’s policies — even if they draw sanctions and international condemnation.

Kim the younger did break with tradition, however, and proclaimed Thursday a feast day for his subjects. All North Koreans were issued an extra ration of dirt-and-moss soup.

The ark? A package addressed to the title character in the Indiana Jones movies baffled officials at the University of Chicago last week.

They did heave a sigh of relief when the opening of the box did not cause anyone’s face to melt into a pool.

— Mark Carlson, Herald staff