Right to ‘Like’

Right to ‘Like’

In a ruling sure to be disliked by civil libertarians, a federal judge says that clicking the “Like” button on a Facebook post is an empty gesture that doesn’t amount to expressive speech, and therefore isn’t protected under the First Amendment.

If you think about it, the judge has a point. After all, when you dutifuly clicked “Like” on your Uncle Ted’s corny jokes, you didn’t really mean it, right?

Speaking of not really meaning it: A gloomy jobs report Friday indicates the economy is losing momentum (Page E6).

Presumed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney called the report “very disappointing,” which is pretty much what the Red Sox had to say about Yankees closer Mariano Rivera suffering a season-ending injury.

Debt of a lifetime: Washington’s public colleges and universities will hit students with double-digit tuition increases again this year.

The way things are going, college grads will need to delay their retirements in order to pay off their student loan debts.

— Mark Carlson, Herald staff