Royal family jewels in Vegas exhibition

Jon Bauer, Herald staff

Fail, Britannia: Britons seem more amused than disgusted over photos of 27-year-old Prince Harry cavorting nude in a Las Vegas hotel suite after losing a game of strip billiards. “Of course it’s stupid, but it doesn’t make people dislike him — quite the opposite,” said one.

Harry’s father, Prince Charles, was upset, but mostly because Harry, who had been in training for Great Britain’s Olympic Strip Billiards Team, had actually lost a game of pool.

Both cupholders in good condition: Curiosity, NASA’s six-wheeled Mars rover, took its first test drive across the Red Planet’s terrain, rolling forward 15 feet, rotating to the right and reversing, leaving its first tracks on the surface.

But like any vehicle when it rolls off the sales lot, the $2.5 billion rover has already lost a few hundred million in resale value.

What’s the password for this donkey? A biblical history park in Israel has equipped its donkeys, which tourists ride while learning about Old Testament times, with Wi-Fi routers so visitors can connect to the Internet and tweet and instantly upload photos of themselves to Facebook.

Well, it’s happened; our society has become so immersed in technology, we’ve got Wi-Fi signals coming out of our asses.