Same as it ever was

Same as it ever was

Microsoft will release the radically different Windows 8 on Friday, and some observers wonder whether the new tablet-friendly interface will confuse folks accustomed to the traditional Windows look and feel.

Perhaps. But then it will hang up for no apparent reason, forcing you to execute the old Ctrl-Alt-Delete finger stretch. And you’ll sigh and say to yourself, “Same old Windows.”

Flame on: The maker of Banana Boat sunscreen has recalled about 500,000 bottles of spray-on lotion after a handful of people reportedly caught on fire after applying the product.

Perhaps that explains what happened to “Big Tex,” the 52-foot-tall giant cowboy thingy that greeted visitors to the State Fair of Texas until it burst into flames Friday.

Although applying sunscreen doesn’t sound very cowboy, does it?

Arrested development: Researchers have found signs of puberty in American boys as young as age 9.

The reasons why are still something of a mystery. But for a lot of those boys, the real issue is whether they’ll be finished with adolescence before they’re in their 40s.

— Mark Carlson, Herald staff