Taking stock

Jon Bauer, Herald staff

Shine on, you crazy Dimon: JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, admitting to investors he couldn’t justify a $2 billion loss on bad investments, still kept his $23 million pay package and his chairmanship of the board and later told reporters, “the buck always stops with me.”

In fact, 23 million of the bucks stopped with him, then bought first-class tickets to the Cayman Islands and Switzerland.

Hold on to your hoodie, Mark: As Facebook prepares for its initial public offering of stock, a new poll finds that about half of Americans consider it a risky investment because they don’t believe it will be around for long.

Please. Facebook creator Mark Zukerberg could take the $100 billion the IPO is expected to bring in and bury it in a coffee can in a FarmVille plot and he’s still not going to lose $2 billion over a weekend.

Naming bid: A recent guest commentary in The Herald by Tulalip elder Stan Jones Sr. is calling for several geological features in the area to be renamed because they now bear the name of Isaac Ebey, an early white settler and by Jones’ account, “a tyrant” who slaughtered American Indians.

Without weighing in on Ebey’s fitness as a namesake, we see an opportunity for revenue by changing the names to eBay Slough, eBay Island and eBay’s Landing.