When the chips are down

By Jon Bauer

A four-course meal on a chip: The makers of Lay’s potato chips are asking potato chip fans to choose among four finalists in its second “Do Us a Flavor” contest. The flavors are Cheddar Bacon Mac &Cheese, Mango Salsa, Wasabi Ginger and Cappuccino. The new flavors are expected to hit store shelves later this month.

Inspired, Starbucks announced its new line of Potato Frappuccinos in your choice of Russet, Yukon or Fingerling. Sour cream and chives on request.

Bauhaus of spies: Following reports of spying by the United States, German government officials admit that they are considering an old-school solution to high-tech spycraft: typewriters, “and not the electronic models either,” said a German official.

Not only are the typewriters less susceptible to high-tech monitoring devices, they also fit in much better esthetically with a black turtleneck, beret and clove cigarette.

Who moved my cheese? Police in California have recovered three stolen Volkswagen microbuses, painted orange, that advertised the 5-pound loaves of Tillamook cheese they resembled.

Police believe the vans were destined for a chop shop where they would have been shredded, then sprinkled over the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.