Friday Seahawks links

  • Fri Jan 31st, 2014 10:31am
  • Sports

By John Boyle

Good morning, or good afternoon if you’re back in New York for the Super Bowl. First off, sorry for the lack of links much of this week; the early press availability and general craziness of covering all the stuff going on this week has forced me into some adjustments, but anyway, here we go.

Obviously with this being the Super Bowl and all, there is a lot more out there about the Seahawks than this, but I try to get to it all, you and I will both be reading forever, so consider this just a small sampling of what’s out there.

From today’s Herald, a look at Seattle’s defensive line, which was something of a mystery before the season, and has grown into one of its underrated strengths.

With all the talk about Marshawn Lynch’s desire to not talk, it’s been somewhat overlooked what a big factor he could be Sunday.

Not in today’s paper, but online now, a story from our Super Bowl special section (in Saturday’s paper), on the relationship between Pete Carroll and John Schneider and how it helped get the Seahawks to the Super Bowl.

And if you missed it on the blog, make sure you check out the very cool thing Derrick Coleman did for a couple of young fans.

Richard Sherman wrote his latest piece for, this one about his relationship with Pete Carroll.

Speaking of Sherman, even our president is weighing in on the cornerback and his postgame antics after the NFC championship game, telling CNN:

“My sense is he’s taking a page out of Muhammad Ali’s playbook, which is, I think he said explicitly, this is a good way to get attention. In fact, Ali said he got his schtick from wrestlers he used to watch,” Obama said.

“…So I think it’s part of the tradition ‘let me get some attention.’ Obviously, it’s worked. I suspect he’s going to have a lot more endorsement contracts and more jersey sales after that. breaks down just how good Denver’s offense and Seattle’s defense really are.

From a funny story that provides fictitious (I think) evidence that Earl Thomas may not be human.

Art Thiel of with a good inside look at how the Pete Carroll hiring played out.