Art Thiel

Art Thiel: Seahawks’ O-linemen are talking a good game

The group insists it will no longer be one of the Seattle laughingstocks.

Art Thiel: In Lockett, Seahawks have a go-to receiver

The Wilson-Lockett connection was statistically one of the best of all-time last season.

Thiel: Seahawks’ Wright surprised to still be on team

The linebacker is one of 3 players (Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner) left from the Super Bowl-winning team.

Art Thiel: Hopkins is elevating UW hoops to new heights

As the Pac-12 spirals downward, the energetic head coach keeps landing big-time players.

Art Thiel: Seahawks navigate perils better than most

Unlike, say, the Jets, Seattle has been able to maintain success through some tough circumstances.

Art Thiel: Seahawks reportedly get Ziggy with it

Multiple reports say Seattle will sign needed free agent pass-rusher Ezekiel Ansah.

Thiel: Sirmon staying at UW, but 1-year sit-out rule must go

The QB rescinded his decision, but fellow redshirt freshman Colson Yankoff still intends to transfer.

Art Thiel: Seahawks should try and go BIG in NFL draft

Mammoth Mississippi wide receiver DK Metcalf would be a bold choice for Seattle in Round 1.

Thiel: Wilson’s new contract is a good deal in a lot of ways

For Pete Carroll, it keeps alive the best shot to return his team to the Super Bowl.

Art Thiel: Seahawks in pickle with franchise quarterback

Russell Wilson’s new contract could be prohibitive, but what other choice does Seattle have?

Art Thiel: Enjoy M’s start, but ‘step back’ is inevitable

It’s been a fun ride to 7-1, but Seattle’s roster is not set up for sustainable success.

Art Thiel: M’s roster lacks stars, but watch out for Santana

Seattle’s roster is full of mid-career or later guys, but its new left fielder brings some juice.

Art Thiel: Amid the madness, UW coach Hopkins gets a raise

Washington made a preemptive strike by securing him with a contract an extension through 2025.

Art Thiel: After retirement talk, Earl cashes big payday

The longtime Seahawk agrees to a $55 million deal with the Ravens; Seattle signs kicker Jason Myers.

Art Thiel: Earl Thomas may regret turning on Seahawks

In a flooded market, the star free safety could find free agency to be a cruel world.

Art Thiel: Seahawks still ‘elite’ team; hear that Russell?

The Seahawks and their star quarterback face an uncertain future after Paul Allen’s death.

Art Thiel: Pac-12 has a problem beyond mediocrity

A recent report revealed the Pac-12 has the least revenues and most expenses among Power 5 conferences.

Thiel: M’s have no graceful exit strategy for former ace

The Seattle Mariners’ self-described theme for this season is “a step back.” Not that they plan to use it as a marketing slogan. While the… Continue reading

Art Thiel: Is UW above bait-and-switch era of recruiting?

Huskies coach Chris Petersen believe he’s taken the higher road, but ‘you gotta play the game.’

Art Thiel: Ex-Sonics owner Schultz is still full of hot air

The former Starbucks CEO’s apology for selling the team is just as phony as he is.