Claudia Yaw

Snohomish County Executive Dave Somers (top left) and Snohomish County Health District Administrative Officer Shawn Frederick (top right) give a COVID-19 update Tuesday in Everett. (Snohomish County Health District)

Kids are big part of coronavirus surge in Snohomish County

After seven weeks in decline, the county’s case rate has increased. About a fifth of new cases were kids under 14.


Jordan Sears (left) and Steven Yarbrough.

Nearly four decades separate Gold Bar’s mayoral candidates

Jordan Sears, 22, got an early start in politics. Steven Yarbrough, 60, says his opponent “needs more seasoning.”


Top (L-R): Nate Nehring, Nicole Ng-A-Qui, Jared M. Mead. Bottom (L-R): Brenda Carrington, Sam Low, Brandy Donaghy.

3 challengers face long-shot odds in County Council races

Each race has a clear political divide. And each Snohomish County district reliably leans either red or blue.


Dave Somers (left) and Dr. Chris Spitters.

COVID cases decline but local hospitals remain ‘under siege’

Coronavirus patients fill 62 hospital beds in Snohomish County. Expanded eligibility for vaccines could help.

Dave Somers (left) and Dr. Chris Spitters.