Jerry Cornfield

Is state ready for another massive transportation package?

A Lake Stevens lawmaker says a gas tax increase and a carbon fee could cover $16.6 billion of projects.


Renaming ensures drivers know what happened on Highway 530

The brother of a slide victim says a 23-mile stretch is “sacred ground and that’s how it should be treated.”


What a surprise: Democrats eye the need for higher taxes

Even with a robust economy, the majority party might seek more revenue to carry out its wish list.


Vaxxers and anti-vaxxers set for another debate in Olympia

This time, in the Senate, an even stricter vaccination requirement for school children gets a hearing.

Eyman’s attorneys: Not paying for $70 chair was inadvertent

A city prosecutor deemed it a crime and has cited the well-known ballot-initiative promoter for theft.

Snow is gone but it’s still a headache for school leaders

Making up all the missed days without extending the school year too long is going to be a challenge.

Bothell neighbors irked by colleges’ parking garage plan

Five floors and 600 stalls would address a shortage for students of UW Bothell and Cascadia College.

Car tab rumblings have yet to erupt into legislative fracas

There are proposals, but no hostile fire over how to provide savings without derailing light rail.

Weather might be a factor in Arlington school bond election

Voting ends today on $96 million for school construction and security upgrades.

Lawmakers want carpool lane cheaters to pay a higher penalty

And an extra amount could get tacked on for those who put a dummy in the passenger seat.

Hundreds descend on Olympia to oppose measles vaccinations

Lawmakers want to limit the ability of parents to opt out of immunizations for their children.

Controversial 2018 election mailers were audacious — and legal

Misleading postcards didn’t violate election laws because they touted non-candidates, the PDC found.

State panel bumps up pay for lawmakers, governor and judges

Other statewide officeholders will get increases too. Tim Eyman vows to give voters a chance to block them.

Washington is nearing the front of presidential primary line

A bill passed by the state Senate would move the vote to March 10, 2020, a week after Super Tuesday.

Delta neighbors make their pitch to hasten smelter cleanup

Everett residents are asking officials to shorten the timeline for contaminated areas.

Sno-Isle Tech teachers finally get their pay raise

After months of talks, the instructors secured an agreement for 18 percent raises this school year.

Embracing the future might entail regulating the robots

State lawmakers are considering what rules are needed to govern the newest wave of delivery vehicles.

State ready to help federal employees working without pay

Workers, including 452 from Snohomish County, can apply for retroactive state unemployment benefits.

Cedar Grove again asks Legislature to limit odor lawsuits

Bills in the House and Senate could mean residents bothered by odor won’t be able to sue.

3 years in the making: New law on police use of deadly force

Legislators are about to pass a bill making it easier to prosecute cops involved in shootings.