Jerry Cornfield

Property values continue skyward in Snohomish County

Home values climbed an average 12.2 percent since a year ago, the assessor says.


State Dems may abandon caucus chaos in time for 2020

Washington also is considering becoming more significant by moving its primary to early March.


A glowing pitch to entice Boeing avoids some touchy issues

The state’s aerospace competitiveness study overlooks two key unknowns: labor relations and politics.


11-year legal battle over school spending finally ends

The daily sanctions in the case known as McCleary are over, but the issue is far from resolved.

Time is short to qualify the gun-restriction ballot measure

Sponsors must collect and turn in the signatures of 259,622 registered Washington voters by July 6.

Taxpayers want court to block Sound Transit car-tab fees

A group is seeking class-action status in an attempt to recover more than $240 million.

Signature of registered voter is a coveted commodity

The competitive nature of the initiative and referendum season now peaking in Washington.

Students need someone to trust, officer tells legislators

A legislative work group is examining ways to identify and stop someone contemplating a shooting.

State money for postage-paid ballots might not be enough

Snohomish County gets $166,000, but if turnout is high this year, it might cost more.

Everyone agrees Jackson High School has ‘too many students’

The school district is in this position because voters didn’t support a $330.6 million bond measure.

Media, lawmakers search for peace on public records

With mediation on tap, questions remain as to who can objectively participate.

Budget depleted by legal expenses in case against Tim Eyman

The state Public Disclosure Commission overspent for legal services by $302,000 through April.

Feeling dissed, Mukilteo teachers plan to pack board meeting

They’ve been picketing as they plan to address the School Board, again, about reopening salary talks.

State will buy back bump stocks before they become illegal

The devices, when attached to semiautomatic weapons, allow them to fire more rapidly.

President, governor or retirement — only Inslee knows his plan

What we do know is that he’s off to Iowa in June to deliver the keynote address at a party fundraiser.

Both sides of gun debate agree on one thing

The Alliance for Gun Responsibility and the NRA are each suing to rewrite the measure on restrictions.

Each day, school leaders eye students for potential threats

State lawmakers have established a work group to help identify possible mass-shooters.

Filing ends and the campaigning begins

Twenty-nine people are throwing their hat in the ring against incumbent Democratic Sen. Maria Cantwell.

What Mukilteo teachers are saying makes sense but sounds bad

Public concern for teacher salaries may be steadfast, but patience for conflict is wearing thin.

A sex offender challenges the state to define pornography

And the state Supreme Court agrees that a condition for his probation is “unconstitutionally vague.”