Jerry Cornfield

Push for new gun laws triggers passion at Senate hearing

Today, a House panel tackles assault weapons ban and allowing cities to enact firearm restrictions.


Lawmakers brace for political battle over bullets and AR-15s

Bills banning assault weapons and high capacity magazines will receive public hearings this week.


Oh, about that financial aid state lawmakers promised …

It’s Day 9 of 60 of the 2020 session of the Washington Legislature in Olympia.


Civil rights and gun rights are on lawmakers’ minds today

It’s Day 8 of 60 of the 2020 session of the Washington Legislature in Olympia.

Inslee’s carbon setback, sex education, the Second Amendment

It’s Day 5 of 60 of the 2020 session of the Washington Legislature in Olympia.

Suciasaurus rex may become Washington’s official dinosaur

After a dino fossil was found in the San Juan Islands, a bunch of fourth-graders are out to make history.

In Olympia, they’re recycling bills and reusing plastic bags

It’s Day 4 of 60 of the 2020 session of the Washington Legislature.

Inslee draws a line in the battle on clean fuels law

Rebuffed in 2019, the Democratic governor is turning up the heat on those in his party who oppose it.

In Olympia, talk of homelessness, climate and an income tax

What’s happening on Day 3 of the 2020 session of the Washington Legislature.

Inslee keeps it simple in final State of the State this term

He focuses on reducing homelessness and fighting climate change with a clean fuel standard.

It’s ‘Madam Speaker’ now: What’s happening in Olympia today

Day 2 of 60 of the Washington Legislature in Olympia includes the State of the State address.

History made: Washington gets its first woman House speaker

Rep. Laurie Jinkins will be dealing with car tabs, Matt Shea and a lot more in the 60-day session.

Welcome to our new weekday newsletter about the Legislature

It’s Day 1 of 60 of the 2020 session in Olympia. Here’s Jerry Cornfield’s take. And tune in tomorrow.

Policy fights, political tension loom for state lawmakers

A 60-day session begins Monday. They’ll tackle car tabs, homelessness and whether to expel Matt Shea.

Matt Shea is a man without a caucus. But he has a House seat

Whether Democrats try to expel the GOP lawmaker will be a hot topic in the upcoming session.

How to contact your state lawmakers — and other fun facts

This year it’s a 60-day session in Olympia. Democrats control everything.

Want choice? Democrats will have 13 for presidential primary

Not surprisingly, President Donald Trump will be the only candidate for Republicans to consider.

Fortney looks to put his stamp on county sheriff’s job

The new sheriff campaigned on law, order and change. But he’s keeping some key policies of his predecessor.

Lawmakers chew the fat with civic leaders in session warm-up

Transportation funding, early learning programs and behavioral health services are on their agendas

State sues Johnson & Johnson, claims it fueled opioid epidemic

AG Bob Ferguson says the drug giant used deceptive marketing to pump up pain drug prescriptions.