Jerry Cornfield

Tim Eyman during a court hearing about the legality of an anti-tax measure, in King County Superior Court in Seattle on Jan. 19, 2016. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Eyman trial in case brought by state AG pushed to 2020

AG Ferguson is still waiting for financial records from the Mukilteo initiative promoter.


Setback in Seattle for NRA may bode well for Edmonds gun law

Both cities passed safe storage rules and both got sued by NRA. Edmonds case is in court Oct. 30.


A booming economy won’t make next state budget less taxing

Gov. Inslee warns of a $1.5 billion gap and says there are few ways to bridge it.


Time to vote: Ballots are in the mail

Voters are tackling big questions in the much-anticipated midterm election.

Judges, lawmakers and the governor in line for pay raises

Salaries would climb 18.5 percent for those in the judicial branch under a citizen panel’s proposal.

Supreme Court strikes down state’s death penalty law

The decision means eight inmates on death row will now spend the rest of their lives in prison.

New tax and tax cut make it in state schools chief’s big plan

Reykdal wants funding boosted for special ed and counselors while revising rules on local levies.

Cantwell and Hutchison disagree about pretty much everything

At their debate near Tacoma, they clashed on all the major questions of the day — including the president.

Lynnwood settles police-shooting lawsuit for $1.75 million

Jeremy Dowell, a man with mental health issues, was shot 10 times in a 2017 confrontation.

17 people will decide whether elected officials get raises

A special commission will soon set salaries for state officeholders, including the governor.

Ian Terry / The Herald Students walk on the Everett Community College campus on Wednesday, March 7. Photo taken on 03072018

EvCC plans to pay a firm to search for its next president

David Beyer, the college’s longest-serving leader, has announced he will retire when the school year ends.

Ian Terry / The Herald Students walk on the Everett Community College campus on Wednesday, March 7. Photo taken on 03072018

It took a while but Cantwell and Hutchison are set to debate

The candidates agreed to televised debates in Tacoma and Spokane — unless the Senate is in session.

Pursuit of campaign-spending violations breaks the budget

The agency seeks $900K to pay legal bills arising from cases against Eyman and others.

He’s not on the ballot, but Inslee is campaigning like it

Republicans may find votes by making the election a referendum on the Democratic governor’s agenda.

Maria Cantwell (left) and Susan Hutchison

Cantwell and Hutchison tussle over details of debate

The Senate candidates say they’re ready to face off in Tacoma and Spokane but timing is in flux.

Maria Cantwell (left) and Susan Hutchison

Pressed to pick between a food tax we fear or power we value

Initiative 1634 would bar cities and counties from levying new taxes on food or beverages.

Failure to file reports nets complaint against county Dems

As a potential probe looms, the party is pushing on with a fundraiser featuring AG Ferguson as speaker.

Sutherland counting on the ‘R,’ not the green, to win House

The GOP candidate has raised little money, and state House Republicans don’t have much to help him out.

Lovick to Sax: Take down website or we may wind up in court

The Democratic state representative’s lawyer has threatened to file a defamation lawsuit.

Gun control group to aid Edmonds in its legal fight with NRA

Everytown for Gun Safety is providing legal services to the city as it defends a new safe storage law.