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Thank you for joining us on October 24 at the Edmonds Center for the Arts for a celebration of local news, how it connects us, and what it means to our community.

A big thank you to everyone who was featured in our videos, our host, the speakers who presented the Jeanne Metzger tribute, and our sponsors who led the way with donations to support local journalism that supports our community.

If you were unable to attend the event, you can still support local journalism.

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If you submitted questions for the news team to be answered during the program, please stay tuned. We’ll be answering questions over the next several months.

Scenes from Behind the News Stories 2023

In Our Words
Watch what members of our Snohomish County community say about The Daily Herald.

Something’s in the Air
Get the inside scoop on how stories in the Herald about two reader boards on Rucker Avenue in Everett helped Camp Fire burn a bit brighter for kids.

Investigating the Investigators
How does an investigative story begin at The Daily Herald? Discover what reporters and editors consider when making decisions about what to cover and how they approach their work.

Local journalism is essential – and you can help it thrive

Local is a key ingredient for journalism that helps build strong communities. In Snohomish County, The Daily Herald is the leading source of local news and information for more than 800,000 residents and our focus is on public-service journalism – reporting that holds power to account, uplifts diverse voices, shines a light on wrongdoing, and connects our community.

To enable us to do more reporting to meet our community’s needs for local journalism, the Herald has partnered with nonprofit fiscal sponsors to establish four community-supported journalism funds:

  • Education Project
  • Environmental and Climate Change Reporting
  • Health Reporting Initiative
  • Investigative Journalism

Learn more about our journalism funds and how you can donate today.

The Daily Herald maintains editorial control over content produced with resources from our journalism funds.