Fit After 50 Review: Is Mark Mcilyar Men’s Fitness Program Legit or Not?

  • Thursday, December 21, 2023 12:00am
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Fit After 50 is a fitness program designed by Mark Mcilyar that caters to older men who want to trigger testosterone’s improved production, which causes its own set of effects, such as building muscle and burning off fat. The program is designed to make a strong body into reality at any age, with no diet changes, although users will have to put in the work to make it effective.

The stereotype that only young people can lose weight and gain muscle is a pervasive problem in 21st-century culture. While Hollywood and some fitness influencers might make it seem like being fit is reserved only for twenty-somethings, science tells us the opposite. Anyone can improve their muscle mass and get absolutely ripped. Whether you’re twenty-two or seventy-two, following a strict diet and workout regimen can help you to burn fat and sculpt your body into something to be proud of.

However, it is true that older men should follow a different routine than younger men in order to cultivate muscle and develop their bodies. Boosting the metabolism is particularly important for men of advanced age; older men and women just don’t have the same metabolism as twenty-year-old people. Any effective weight loss regimen for people over fifty should focus on burning fat while boosting the metabolism, especially if the program involves any kind of ‘bulking’ to put on muscle in later phases.

This aspect of advanced age weight loss is one big strength of “Fit After 50,” a new weight loss program designed by and for men over the age of fifty. In the “Burn” phase of the program, the goal is to “activate your entire muscular system” without putting too much stress on the body. “Functional cardio movements” help to “upgrade the metabolism,” providing a solid foundation for the additional phases included in the plan. The other two phases of this unique weight loss and muscle building regimen are called “Build” and “Sculpt.” After accomplishing all three of these phases, followers of the program can hope to see their bodies turned from flabby softness to perfection in a matter of weeks or months.

Especially if you’re entering your elderly years, it’s important to exercise as much caution as possible when picking a new alternative weight loss program. Although we certainly consider this to be a legitimate and potentially helpful project, you should always consult a physician before beginning any new advanced-age workout routine.

Is Fit After 50 right for you? Read on to answer this question!

What is Fit After 50?

Getting in shape at a young age can provide men with the ability to do nearly anything. It is one of the earliest ways the young man can show how masculine he is, demonstrating his newly found muscle mass as puberty strikes. There are no times in a man’s life that he produces as much testosterone at a high rate, which is why it is so easy to build on this physique in the teens and early 20s.

Most men don’t realize how their testosterone is dwindling when they reach their 30s and even 40s. By the time they reach age 50, testosterone production has already slowed down drastically. Without the right hormone levels, everything from muscle tone to the amount of weight an individual gains is impacted. Most fitness programs do not cater to men who do not produce as much testosterone as they used to. However, all of that changes with Fit After 50.

Mark Mcilyar’s Fit After 50 works for men of all skill levels, regardless of how recently they have worked out. The creator remarks that even individuals who have never exercised before or who have sore joints can greatly benefit at every moment of the day. The program helps users shed weight and build on muscle, and no one can’t perform these movements. The whole program is designed with the idea that anyone can achieve a chiseled body.

Mark, who is 57 years old, has used these methods to improve his own body, giving him the muscle tone he wanted since he was young. By taking part in the program, users can eliminate their constant discomfort as they eliminate the need to control their joint pain or arthritis. While this program does not replace any current medications that a user may be taking with the doctor, the performance is impressive.

Why Do Other Workouts Fail?

Any man over age 50 who has tried to follow the current fitness trends knows that it does not work. Mark points out that the wrong workout routine can actually increase estrogen levels and destroy the body’s ability to stimulate testosterone. Without testosterone, it is next to impossible to slim down and get the build that users want.

The key to this program is to fix the problems that other workout programs create. For example, to reduce the estrogen that the body would create with other workouts, Mark includes metabolic strength training in its place. To deal with the inflammation that can be caused during vigorous exercise, Mark brings in functional cardio and ab workouts to improve blood flow. These workouts even help users to improve the health of their hearts.

How Does Fit After 50 Help Men to Bulk Up?

While it would be easy to say that this program works from some mysterious methods, none of them exercises or nutritional changes are actually hard. This program works so well due to modified movements that push the muscles without straining the joints as other programs do. It invigorates the body with more energy, and it may even make the user feel younger. Users don’t need much time, and they don’t require equipment in the gym. There’s no excuse for not looking and feeling the best they can, especially when this program makes the process so attainable. Benefits that can be seen from using the Fit After 50 program are:

  • Increase flexibility in joints
  • Stimulate the cardiovascular system
  • Repair a slow metabolism
  • Lower blood sugar levels
  • Boost memory and brain health
  • Strengthen muscles and bones

This program works to do everything that other workout programs promise, but there’s no threat of damage or other strain that could land men over age 50 in a hospital bed.

Purchasing Access to Fit After 50

With all of the benefits that Fit After 50 offers, the program’s typical retail cost is $97. However, the price is greatly reduced right now to $37. All of the content is digital, which means that users will access both the main guide to Fit After 50 and all of the bonus materials within minutes of their purchase.

If the user finds that Fit After 50 is not a good solution for their needs, they can request a refund from customer service up to a year after their original purchase was made. If users have any other questions, they can reach out to the customer service team by sending an email or call:

  • Email: support@liveanabolic.com
  • Phone: 256-292-2950 on weekdays.


Fit After 50 Additional Content

To ensure that users get everything they need out of Fit After 50, there are a few bonus guides and other content that can help. The other materials include:

  • 12-Week Fit After 50 Nutrition Plan
  • Fit After 50 Exercise Illustrations and Execution Guide
  • Know My T-Levels

The nutrition plan educates users on the healthiest decisions that they can make while working out. While the diet doesn’t have to be followed while working out, the tips and tricks provided will support new muscle and extra fat shedding.

In the illustrated guide, users get a complaint picture of what each of these movements looks like. The guide takes each step of the movement into account, helping users improve how they burn fat and build muscle by doing everything properly the first time. Plus, the illustrations are quite colorful to make them easier to see. The guide can be printed off for a hard copy version.

Know My T-Levels helps users to understand how much testosterone they actually have in their body at home. They essentially record their progress to ensure that they know their hormone levels, correlating with different routines and the recommended foods.

All the additional content is completely free, allowing users to only pay for the main guide’s cost.


Frequently Asked Questions About Fit After 50

Q: How long will users have to keep up with the workouts of Fit After 50 to see a change in their bodies?

A: Most men see a significant change within one week of their first workout. While they may be slightly sore from the new routine, this discomfort is a good sign that the muscles are being challenged properly. Workouts will gradually become much easier, but that doesn’t mean the routine isn’t working still.

Q: Is this program actually safe for men over age 50?

A: Yes. Fit After 50 specifically caters to older men, so users can feel confident that they can handle the workout. Furthermore, because the program is suited to this age group, it will likely be much more effective than other routines.

Q: Will the program work for people under age 50?

A: The methods included in this program specifically help with older men’s needs, which is why Mark recommends the only individuals who are at least 40 years old use it. The program helps individuals who may not get to the gym, but they still want to have the physique have someone who does. There is a reduced risk of injury, and it is an excellent foundation to build upon.

Q: How long do users need to participate in the workouts daily?

A: The amount of time that users spend working out with Fit After 50 is entirely up to them. However, like any workout program, users that spend more time performing the exercises will likely see the fastest.

Q: How long will the results of Fit After 50 work?

A: Like any other workout program, the results will last for as long as the user participates in it. It is up to the customer to put in the work and reap the rewards.

Q: Will men need access to a gym to participate in the workouts?

A: Not necessarily. This program’s whole point is to make fitness much easier, which means that the workouts can be done anywhere with no equipment.

Fit After 50 Final Thoughts

Fit After 50 makes a sculpted body a reality at any age. The program helps older men fight the lack of testosterone in their bodies, triggering improved production of this hormone without medication or supplements. Even the recommendations for nutritional changes are easy to work with, which is why so many people have already taken on this program in their everyday life. The creators even call it a total transformation, and users don’t even have to participate for long to make a difference in their bodies.

Everything we’ve read has led us to conclude that Fit After 50 seems as legit as it gets. The program checks all the necessary boxes for a legitimate and effective advanced age weight loss program. It begins with a phase dedicated to boosting the metabolism and slowly introducing the body to low-stress cardio workouts and exercises before continuing to a bulking and cultivation phase. All three of these phases seem to provide a comprehensive solution to most of the problems experienced by older men trying to lose weight and sculpt their bodies.

The reality the influencers of the world don’t want you to realize is that anyone can improve their physical appearance at any age. Diet and exercise are the two most effective ways to boost metabolism and lose weight. Fit After 50 provides readers with a full program that’s both easy-to-follow and effective at sculpting older bodies.


  • Targeted Age Group and Fitness Levels: Fit After 50 is specifically designed for men over the age of 50, regardless of their previous workout history or fitness level. It accommodates beginners or those with sore joints and is meant to be effective without causing strain or injury.
  • Program Structure and Phases: The program includes three phases: Burn, Build, and Sculpt. The Burn phase activates the muscular system and upgrades metabolism; the Build phase focuses on muscle development; and the Sculpt phase aims to refine the body’s shape. This structured approach caters to the unique needs of aging men.
  • Hormonal Considerations: Fit After 50 addresses the decline of testosterone production in men as they age, which can affect muscle tone and weight. The program includes exercises and nutritional advice intended to naturally stimulate testosterone production and manage estrogen levels, without the need for medication or supplements.
  • Accessibility and Convenience: The entire program is digital and can be accessed immediately after purchase, providing flexibility and convenience. It does not require gym equipment and can be performed anywhere, making it suitable for men with busy schedules or limited access to gym facilities.
  • Cost and Additional Content: The program usually costs $97 but is currently discounted to $37. It comes with several bonuses, including a 12-week nutrition plan, an exercise illustrations and execution guide, and a guide to tracking testosterone levels. There is also a one-year refund policy, offering peace of mind to consumers who may be uncertain about their purchase.

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