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Mind Lab Pro is a premium nootropic supplement that became popular because of its ability to enhance overall brain health among people across all age groups. It works particularly well for those individuals who engage in activities that require the brain to become more active.

All the ingredients in this supplement collaborate to offer maximum brain protection to consumers. There are multiple Mind Lab Pro reviews online that talk about the supplement’s power to boost brain energy.

If promoting optimal brain chemistry is on your health agenda, this supplement has got everything right for you. Not to exaggerate but the formula does wonders to your brain’s long-term functions.

Take a detailed look at the supplement’s core ingredients, benefits, and overall performance in this Mind Lab Pro review. And decide the legitimacy of this nootropic yourself!

Product NameMind Lab Pro
Manufacturers of the supplementOpti-Nutra Ltd.
Product CategoryNootropics Supplement, Dietary Supplements
Product OverviewMind Lab Pro Supplement carries brain-boosting ingredients that enhance the mental processes of regeneration. The supplement induces high vigor and focus in the users as the cells of their brains get supercharged with improved cognitive energy. The brain chemicals are activated with every dosage of Mind Lab Pro to optimize mental functions.
Core Ingredients
  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom
  • Citicoline
  • Maritime Pine Bark extract
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Phosphatidylserine (PS)
  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine
  • L-Theanine
  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B9
  • Vitamin B12
  • Key Highlights
  • Prebiotic Nutricaps
  • Science-backed ingredients
  • Free from artificial stimulants
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Non GMO
  • Non irradiated
  • Soy-Free
  • Recyclable & Biodegradable Packaging
  • Caffeine Free
  • Allergen Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Third-Party Verified
  • ReviewsMind Lab Pro has plenty of positive user reviews online
    Manufactured inUSA
  • $69.00 for one bottle
  • $138.00 for two bottles
  • $207.00 for four bottles (free shipping)
  • Money Back Guarantee30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    AvailabilityAvailable on the official website

    What is Mind Lab Pro?

    The human brain has a lot of tasks to perform every day. Technically, it never stops working. In order to keep it healthy, you must provide it with ample sleep and good food. However, sometimes these are not enough. To prevent brain degeneration, you need to supply it with more nutrition.

    Mind Lab Pro is an excellent way to achieve optimal brain plasticity. Regular consumption of this supplement has been linked to improved cognitive functioning and healthy brain performance. Backed by scientific research in approved facilities, the supplement contains 11 powerful organic ingredients.

    If you have trouble remembering people’s birthdays or household grocery purchase time, you need to consume nootropics to accomplish optimal brain plasticity. These supplements hold the power to improve cognitive function in students, professionals, and athletes.

    You can take help from Mind Lab Pro to maximize brain usage and efficiency. You will notice new energy running through your veins and enriched focus in doing complex tasks. Clinical research also suggests the health benefits of these supplements on your overall well-being.

    Core Ingredients in Mind Lab Pro That Boost Brain Health

    The human brain is perhaps the most mysterious object to exist on Earth today. At any given moment, the brain chemicals are involved in hundreds of thousands of reactions. This means our brain functions are extremely complex and hard to track. It can use external help to perform better in everyday tasks.

    Mind Lab Pro, a nootropic, strives to improve your mental health, irrespective of the nature of your work. All the ingredients used in Mind Lab Pro are scientifically-backed, making it the best supplement to promote optimal brain functions. They work together to stimulate nerve growth factor (NGF) that can aid in the regeneration of cells in the brain and better memory recollection.

    The supplement’s content is equipped with the necessary nutrients to optimize brain functioning by inducing the chemicals to boost mental abilities effectively.

    This Mind Lab review contains a detailed breakdown of the core ingredients used in the supplement’s making.


    Citicoline has shown a significant increase in brain cells (phosphatidylcholine) through effective stimulation of electric impulses in the brain. The component is influential in increasing cognitive functions that empower constructive thought processes.

    It helps synthesize phosphatidylcholine found in the brain cell membrane. This attributes to stronger regeneration in the brain and improved mental performance. The substance can drastically reduce brain fog that often envelopes your mind and causes cognitive decline over time.

    The Mind Lab Pro formula comprises Citicoline in the right quantities to support neurotransmitters to boost long-term brain health. It supplies the brain with antioxidants to fight age-related neurological changes.

    Regular consumption of Mind Lab Pro has plenty of cognitive benefits including better mood, reaction time, and concentration. After only a few weeks of intake, it increases cognitive abilities to a great extent.

    Experience better memory retention and renewed energy with Mind Lab Pro nutrient-rich content.

    Lion’s Mane Mushroom (Full Spectrum Extract)

    Various studies backed by extensive research have linked the intake of Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom with significant cognitive benefits in individuals. It delivers important nootropics to the brain and helps repair damaged brain cells caused due to aging.

    The addition of Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom in Mind Lab Pro formula ensures the reduction in brain fog after regular consumption. The ingredient has the capability to improve cognitive functions and enhance mental performance.

    The component optimizes NGF to support better memory retention in consumers. It promotes long-term brain health and keeps neurological disorders at bay. The supplement contains organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom as opposed to other synthetic supplements that are filled with harmful chemicals.

    The Mind Lab Pro is created with the intention to induce brain regeneration processes from time to time. Consuming Mind Lab Pro is very easy – you just need to drink it with water 30 minutes before indulging in any activity.

    Phosphatidylserine (as Sharp-PS Green)

    Derived from sunflower, the presence of Phosphatidylserine in the Mind Lab Pro formula makes it the most nutritious brain supplement. A phospholipid compound, it contains 15% of the brain’s fat. It is mostly found in the brain cell membranes where it contributes to enhanced cognitive functions by maintaining fluidity and supporting the secretion of neurotransmitters.

    Sharp-PS Green promotes long-term brain health by getting rid of damaged cells saving you from cognitive decline. The presence of this substance in the Mind Lab Pro formula increases the mind’s ability to cause a sharp reduction in brain fog. In many ways, it promotes brain regeneration leading to sharper memory retention and improved concentration.

    Consuming Mind Lab Pro is the first step you take to repair damaged brain cells and achieve peak mental performance required for multitasking. Receive a host of cognitive benefits including elevated mood, reduced anxiety, and better clarity with this supplement.

    Bacopa Monnieri

    Loaded with active nootropic compounds, this element can enhance learning and memory retention through continuous usage of the Mind Lab Pro supplement. It can help you eliminate brain fog and deal smartly with damaged brain cells.

    The ingredient is naturally sourced and promotes antioxidants supply to the brain. It activates mood-boosting brain chemicals to channelize their focus and maintain a healthy mood balance. Apart from these cognitive benefits, the substance can make you calmer and more relaxed.

    Backed by strong scientific and independent research carried out under strict supervision, the Mind Lab Pro supplement containing Bacopa Monnieri can generate upgraded cognitive functions in the brain pathways.

    Consuming Mind Lab Pro daily can considerably boost brain regeneration and result in overall improved mental performance. The supplement is backed by the support of our clinical research and editorial team who have spent hours analyzing the efficacy of the nootropic capsules on the brain.

    Maritime Pine Bark Extract

    The Maritime Pine Bark Extract is included in the Mind Lab Pro supplement because of its nootropic properties. The natural ingredient supplies a series of antioxidants to reduce brain fog and neutralize the effects of toxic radicals.

    The substance allows better memory retention by improving cerebral blood flow into the brain. Its unique properties help improve overall brain health and they make way for memory recall, sharper focus, and more energy.

    By repairing brain cells, it makes way for the brain chemicals to boost mental health in individuals. The Maritime Pine Bark Extract stimulates the effective production of nerve growth factors that can result in brain regeneration.

    The makers claim that users reported a steady rise in cognitive functions after taking 4 capsules daily. Mind Lab Pro ensured a boost in their mental performance by providing a number of cognitive benefits.

    N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine

    N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine is an amino acid compound that helps in the synthesis of neurotransmitters that aid brain regeneration. This nootropic element contains many cognitive benefits including better memory retention, less stress, and enhanced focus during complex activities.

    Clinical research has proved the efficacy of this component in inducing brain chemicals to optimize cognitive functions. N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine positively impacts overall brain health and promotes mental performance.

    The ingredient enhances the potency of the Mind Lab Pro supplement by nourishing the brain cells and improving cerebral blood flow. It stimulates nerve growth factor production in the human brain and protects it from mental health disorders.

    In addition to its plethora of cognitive benefits, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine has drawn the interest of academic researchers for its ability to sustain high energy levels.

    L-Theanine (as Suntheanine)

    Present in the Mind Lab Pro supplement as Suntheanine, it enhances the activity of alpha brain waves that are associated with a state of improved creativity. It balances the neurotransmitters to improve cognitive abilities.

    The ingredient protects you from cognitive decline by preventing neuron damage. After regular intake, you will notice a steady rise in your cognitive performance and mental processing speed.

    The component also boosts brain circulation and optimizes various functions to promote brain health. Experience better mental clarity whilst making difficult life decisions with the Mind Lab Pro supplement.

    Along with providing cognitive health benefits, L-Theanine also aids learning and problem-solving among individuals. It alleviates mental fatigue by charging the brain cells with more energy.

    This nootropic element supports mental agility and supplies you with enhanced brain energy to perform tasks more efficiently.

    Rhodiola Rosea

    The presence of Rhodiola Rosea in the Mind Lab Pro supplement ensures active levels of nootropics in your diet. It stimulates and sustains neurotransmitters to sustain long-term cognitive performance.

    It is rich in antioxidants that help with cognitive decline. Most importantly, Rhodiola Rosea supports cognitive abilities to reach their maximum best. Backed by strong scientific research, this element fights mental fatigue and exhaustion.

    The nootropic effects of Rhodiola Rosea induce your brain cells to enhance your mental processing speed. By doing so, it lends you mental agility with improved motivation and a lighter mood.

    In today’s busy schedule, take some time out to support brain health by improving circulation in the brain. To achieve your goals, you need high brain energy levels with enhanced mental clarity.

    Rhodiola Rosea helps strengthen cognitive health by promoting relaxed thoughts along with better learning capacity.

    Vitamins B6, B9, B12 (as Nutrigenesis)

    Scientific research suggests the role of all B-vitamins in improved brain health. Out of all of them, B6, B9, and B12 are the most effective in reducing cognitive decline. They are known to balance homocysteine and bring them to the optimum range for enhanced cognitive health.

    The trio counters mood imbalances and cerebral concerns by lending better mental clarity and mental agility to consumers. All the nutrients in them work towards improving cognitive performance and taking them to higher levels.

    The presence of Vitamins in the Mind Lab Pro supplement can make your mental processing speed faster than ever. They can improve your memory storage, focus, and attention span, among other cognitive abilities.

    The Vitamins trinity in Mind Lab Pro can support brain health by optimizing chemical reactions in the brain and countering mental fatigue to maximize productivity and metabolism.

    Benefits of Mind Lab Pro – What to Expect?

    Mind Lab Pro is not any average nootropic. It touches upon all the aspects of cognitive functioning to provide you with enhanced energy and focus. All the ingredients of the supplement work in synergy with each other to improve your brain’s ability.

    It is one of the few smart drugs that works to boost your brain’s energy during complex tasks. The makers of the product are incredibly transparent about the working of the product. Even the capsules are fully plant-based so that users do not have to compromise their eating habits to accommodate Mind Lab Pro in their everyday diet. This quality makes it way better than additive-sprinkled prescription drugs.

    Apart from supporting sharp strategic thinking, Mind Lab Pro has the following benefits:

    Improves Cognitive Function

    The most important benefit of taking Mind Lab Pro is enhanced cognitive function throughout the day. Whether you are engaged in mental or physical activity, your brain needs to be at full power so that you can perform the best.

    Sometimes, you get blacked out during important work activities. This is your body telling you to invest time in improving cognitive function. This interferes with your daily output and compromises your efficiency.

    By trusting Mind Lab Pro, you take a step forward to improve cognitive function. Your brain gets nourished with the right nutrients derived from the organic ingredients of the supplement.

    Improves Strategic Thinking

    Do you have difficulty in achieving goals? It may be that your brain lacks strategic thinking skills. An important cognitive activity, it is needed to maximize brain function to achieve peak performance.

    After taking Mind Lab Pro, many users reported noticeable mental improvements with a hike in their focus, memory recall, and knowledge storage.

    Mind Lab Pro is one of the few smart drugs that have the capability to improve brain function – growth, energy, stamina, cognitive thinking, and so on.

    Improves Mental Energy and Reduces Mental Fatigue

    One of the reasons you are plagued with brain stress is because you lack mental energy. The Mind Lab Pro supplement is the only nootropic supplement that can provide you with long-lasting energy throughout the activity.

    By reducing your brain stress, it fills you with more mental energy. This, in turn, drives fatigue away from your brain and promotes brain protection.

    Regulates Brain Waves

    Mind Lab Pro includes herbal ingredients that can naturally boost alpha brain waves that are tasked with relaxing the brain. This state allows your cognitive skills to flourish.

    The natural stimulants in the supplement optimize your brain pathways to boost noticeable mental improvements. By regulating the alpha brain ways, the capsules improve circulation to the central nervous system that makes more oxygen available for the neurons.

    Improves Blood Flow to the Brain

    Mind Lab Pro is considered the best nootropic supplement because it contains ingredients that can relax the blood vessels and improve blood flow into the brain.

    By promoting healthy circulation inside the blood vessels, the supplement ensures to repair damaged cells.

    It is one of the few smart drugs that contain a blend of 11 natural multi-beneficial ingredients to target the brain pathways that boosts memory and regeneration.

    Promotes New Brain Cell Creation

    Your brain loses a significant amount of neurons every day. In order to make up for this loss, you need to take care of your brain cell membranes.

    By consuming this nootropic supplement, you support brain cell creation that facilitates regeneration.

    Unlike other smart drugs, Mind Lab Pro has been shown to improve fluidity and flexibility in brain cell membranes.

    Improves Mood

    Keeping a stable mindset in today’s stressful world is extremely necessary. Mind Lab Pro comprises several elements that promote the release of mood-boosting chemicals like serotonin and dopamine.

    Mind Lab Pro falls under the category of those smart drugs that can support the long-term health of the brain. It is also effective in elevating your mood balance to fight off mental conditions like depression and anxiety.

    Quality Assurance of Mind Lab Pro

    Mind Lab Pro has been found effective in research studies because it works in every way to boost the health of your brain. All the ingredients are tested before becoming a part of the final product. The makers have tried every possible course of action to ensure the quality of their supplements. They have made every detail of their supplement available to the common population.

    Premium Ingredients

    The supplement uses premium ingredients sourced afresh from different parts of the world from leading suppliers. Mind Lab Pro contains botanical nootropics like lion’s mane mushroom, among many others, grown in safe environments.

    Mind Lab Pro is clean

    Mind Lab Pro is one of the few nootropics that contain no artificial stimulants. Even the capsules are clean in the sense that it contains no additives to boost your mental functions. Formed of just robust nootropic elements, the vegan capsules can be consumed by anyone who intends to maximize the power of his/her brain.

    Increase In Nootropic Activity

    With every dosage of Mind Lab Pro supplement, you can expect maxed-out nootropic activity. By refusing to add any harmful elements to their supplement, the makers provide maximum quality assurance to their users.

    Through a proven increase in nootropic activity, the supplement has placed itself in a superior position to other supplements.

    Clinically Approved

    After each batch of Mind Lab Pro supplement is created, it is re-tested to establish potency and purity. These capsules also undergo disintegration testing to ensure their efficient breakdown in the digestive system. After clinical trials prove the bioavailability of the supplement, the capsules are sent for final packaging.


    The makers of the Mind Lab Pro supplement believe in making eco-friendly products. All the boxes of the supplement are recyclable and filled with biodegradable packing peanuts.

    Wherever it is possible, the ingredients are sourced sustainably to ensure maximum safety of the environment.

    Third-Party Validation

    After taking all the essential steps towards achieving high-quality supplements, the finished batches undergo trials under the supervision of third-party experts.

    This adds an extra layer of purity and safety to the supplement.

    The Six Main Brain Touch Points of Mind Lab Pro

    Some nootropic products only target 2-3 brain pathways. They do not give 360-degree protection to the brain.

    Mind Lab Pro is the only nootropic supplement that optimizes as many pathways as possible.

    Brain Chemistry

    Mind Lab Pro uses diverse nootropic nutrients to optimize a wide array of functions – memory, mood, motivation, processing speed, attention, among many others.

    Brain Protection

    The supplement is equipped with all the necessary nootropic elements that have the capability to fight toxic elements and poor structural changes that can cause degeneration in the brain over time.

    Brain Energy

    The Mind Lab Pro supplement is not an ordinary nootropic product. It is a healthy dietary supplement that gets rid of fog, fatigue, and stress in your brain and boosts energy and focus in your brain.

    Brain Waves

    The supplement is armed with essential nutrients that boost alpha brain waves to promote a state of relaxation in your brain and body. The dietary supplement can make the brain more creative and productive.

    Brain Regeneration

    The Mind Lab Pro supplement contains ingredients that repair, maintain, and nourish cells of the brain for improved plasticity and better growth.

    Brain Circulation

    The dietary supplement comprises natural ingredients to promote circulation in the brain. It helps supply more oxygen to the brain and clear out toxins. All in all, it improves the overall delivery of nutrients into the neurons.

    What is the users’ feedback? Read these Mind Lab Pro reviews

    The Mind Lab Pro supplement boasts of unconditional trust of users in their products. This Mind Lab Pro review section contains the feedback of many individuals about their experience with the supplement.

    These users have reflected upon the steady increase in their cognitive abilities after commencing daily intake of Mind Lab Pro.

    Go through every Mind Lab Pro review to find out more about people’s opinions of these capsules.

    A Mind Lab Pro review by David reads, “I had tried a couple of different nootropics, but this one worked for me. Effects are maximized when a healthy and balanced lifestyle is adhered to. Noticed considerable effects after a week of consecutive doses and have been consuming them for a month now. Focus, thinking clarity, and rhythm flow have been positively impacted.”

    Another Mind Lab Pro review says, “Great product! I felt the improvement in my energy levels, endurance at work, and longer mental alertness and focus. The special pricing bundle was a treat as it gave me more value for money. A very worthwhile investment!”

    Harley in his Mind Lab Pro review tells, “I found out about the real capability of the product after two weeks of using it. Clearly, there is a difference in my life – I actually missed a day and felt so weird that it reminded me to take it! My thoughts are clearer, my moods are more even, and I don’t have problems with recall/ memory like I used to have. I sleep better and have more concentration and less anxiety.”

    These Mind Lab Pro reviews bear testimony to the efficacy of the supplement in improving people’s lives and giving them better well-being overall!

    Who Can Use Mind Lab Pro?

    Mind Lab Pro is a dietary supplement that everyone can consume. Since it is made up of organic elements, it poses negligible risks to your health. They are instrumental in promoting optimal brain chemistry and the supplement offers long-term results.

    The website of the supplement contains multiple reviews that speak about the stellar supplement positively. Professionals working in different fields have tried this product and voiced their honest opinion with these reviews.

    Mind Lab Pro is one of the few dietary supplements that is designed for everyone – students, athletes, older population, professionals, and so on.

    Does Mind Lab Pro Have Any Side Effects?

    The Mind Lab Pro supplement is made with safe and tested ingredients. The makers claim that the supplement does not contain preservatives, artificial colors, gluten, caffeine, GMO, or any other additives. As a matter of fact, the capsules are vegan-friendly. The brain-boosting supplement has nutrients that enhance the absorption of all the ingredients by the body. Prepared in clinically approved facilities, the makers have ensured utmost quality and security in preparing this nootropic supplement that works for everyone.

    The official website of Mind Lab Pro ensures the consumers maximum mental benefits from regular consumption of these capsules. When you combine these with an active lifestyle comprising regular workout sessions, you will experience faster brain growth in no time.

    Since the product delivers what it promises (safety and efficacy), almost negligible users have reported any cases of side effects after daily intake. In some cases, users experienced slight discomfort in their stomachs but the side effect went as quickly as it came.

    All in all, there are hardly any influential negative effects of consuming Mind Lab Pro. Due to its nutrient-rich content, there are minimal health risks attached to the supplement.

    Mind Lab Pro Pricing & Guarantee

    Mind Lab Pro Supplement is perhaps one of the best nootropic products in the market today. If you want to try them out and experience a change in your brain stamina, go to the official website of Mind Lab Pro.

    Each bottle of Mind Lab Pro contains 60 capsules that are considered enough for one month’s consumption.

    The bottles are available in the following price plans on the official website:

    • $69 for one bottle
    • $138 for two bottles
    • $207 for four bottles (free shipping available)

    Does Mind Lab Pro provide a Money Back Guarantee?

    The Mind Lab Pro supplement offers a ‘Performance Promise’ to all its users. If you do not find it useful, you can initiate a refund request to the makers. But, you have to use the product for at least 30 days to experience noticeable results.

    In a world where getting your money back even from a friend seems like a dream, Mind Lab Pro provides a 60-day money-back guarantee. This shows the faith of the makers in their supplements. So, if you are not satisfied with the Mind Lab Pro supplement, ask for your money back!


    How fast will I start noticing results from the Mind Lab Pro supplement?

    Often, users have reported immediate benefits from the Mind Lab Pro Supplement. However, the experts at the company suggest consuming these supplements for at least 30 days to see noticeable results.

    Should I cycle Mind Lab Pro?

    Cycling is the practice of consuming a supplement daily and then taking a break. It is believed that cycling builds up the tolerance of the body to allow the supplement to work to its full potency.

    The experts recommend cycling Mind Lab Pro following a ‘5 days on, 2 days off’ pattern or ‘4 weeks on, 1 week off’ schedule.

    What is the prescribed dosage of Mind Lab Pro?

    Consuming two capsules in the morning or afternoon can pump you up for activities. In times of intense activities, like meeting a deadline or exam preparation, the dosage can be increased to four capsules a day. However, one must not consume more than 4 capsules in a 24-hour period.

    How is Mind Lab Pro eco-friendly?

    Mind Lab Pro follows clean practices to make its supplements eco-friendly. The bottles are 100% recyclable and the company ships the product in biodegradable boxes and materials.

    Where is Mind Lab Pro available?

    Mind Lab Pro is available exclusively at the official website of the product.

    Final Verdict. Is Mind Lab Pro Worth It?

    This article has covered all the aspects of the Mind Lab Pro supplement. These capsules are a product for the masses. Anyone experiencing a decline in their mental abilities, student, businessman, athlete, or professional can gain realistically from Mind Lab Pro.

    The product boasts 11 powerful ingredients that have passed clinical tests to be included in this formula. They are present in Mind Lab Pro supplement in optimum quantities to augment overall performance.

    The supplement is not a magical substance. Apart from consuming it, you need to adhere to a healthy lifestyle as well. Simply eating it and not taking care of your overall health will not reap the benefits.

    Even in the 21st century, humans have discovered so little about the brain’s working. The makers of Mind Lab Pro, though, have managed to curate a nutrient-rich formula to supply your brain with the ideal nootropics.


    • Premium Nootropic Supplement: Mind Lab Pro is a premium nootropic supplement designed to enhance overall brain health and cognitive functions such as memory, focus, and mental energy. It is suitable for individuals across all age groups, particularly those engaged in mentally demanding activities.
    • Clinically Backed Natural Ingredients: The supplement contains 11 scientifically-backed organic ingredients, including Lion’s Mane Mushroom, Citicoline, Phosphatidylserine, Bacopa Monnieri, and Maritime Pine Bark Extract, which collaborate to protect brain cells, stimulate nerve growth factor, and optimize mental performance.
    • Safety and Quality Assurance: Mind Lab Pro is vegan-friendly, non-GMO, gluten-free, allergen-free, and free from artificial stimulants and additives. Manufactured in the USA, it has undergone rigorous third-party testing for purity and potency, ensuring a high-quality product.
    • User Experience and Feedback: Numerous positive reviews online indicate users experiencing improved cognitive function, strategic thinking, and mental energy with reduced fatigue. It is recommended to use the product consistently for at least 30 days to observe significant benefits.
    • Purchase Information and Guarantee: Available exclusively on the official website, the product is offered at $69 for one bottle, $138 for two bottles, and $207 for four bottles with free shipping. A 30-day money-back guarantee is provided, allowing customers to try Mind Lab Pro risk-free.

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