Iranian oil tanker pursued by US says it is going to Turkey

But mariners can input any destination, so Turkey may not be its true destination.

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Lewandowski clashes with Democrats at impeachment hearing

Trump tweeted from Air Force One that his ex-campaign manager gave “such a beautiful opening statement.”

Cokie Roberts, longtime political journalist, dies at 75

She diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002, but kept working nearly to the end.

Jimmy Carter says he couldn’t have managed presidency at 80

Two leading 2020 candidates, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, would turn 80 during their terms if elected.

US Navy says it’s tracking UFOs

Last week was the first time the service has acknowledged the objects are real.

Army revamps recruiting, hits enlistment goal

Expects to sign up more than 68,000 active duty soldiers for the fiscal year that ends Sept. 30.

Veteran television newsman Sander Vanocur dies at 91

Was among the last people to interview Sen. Robert F. Kennedy.

Dem presidential candidates call for Kavanaugh’s impeachment

A new, uninvestigated allegation has emerged of sexual impropriety when he was in college.

Boeing says China needs to spend $2.9T on planes and services

The estimate is 7% higher than last year’s forecast.

After bankruptcy filing, Purdue Pharma may not be off hook

The company’s owners expressed sympathy but not responsibility for the nation’s opioid crisis.

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