Report: Propeller blade broke, causing military plane crash

15 Marines and a Navy corpsman dies in 2017 crash in Mississippi.

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Trump chooses Jeffrey Rosen for deputy attorney general

He currently serves as the Transportation Department’s chief operating officer.

Flynn pushed to share nuclear tech with Saudis, report says

Whisleblowers say some officials sought to push a deal that could financially benefit Trump supporters.

Putin sternly warns US against putting missiles in Europe

The Russian president said he’ll retaliate with weapons that will take little time to hit their targets.

Feds share terrorist watchlist with 1,400 private groups

For years, it has insisted that that the list is generally not shared with the private sector.

Judge orders Roger Stone to court over Instagram post

The Trump confidant posted a photo of the judge with what appeared to be crosshairs near her head.

FAA probes Southwest calculations of baggage weight on jets

A yearlong investigation discovered frequent mistakes that could lead to wrong takeoff weights.

Poll: Rural/urban political divisions also split the suburbs

Liberal leanings are closely linked to whether someone has previously lived in a city.

On world stage, acting Pentagon chief must answer for Trump

Former Boeing executive Patrick Shanahan has slim foreign policy experience.

16 states sue Trump over national-emergency declaration

They accuse the president of “an unconstitutional and unlawful scheme” to fund a border wall.

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