Jake Martinez-Torralba, left, smiles while and Evelyn Ward, right, does her best impression of a turkey at Central Primary School on Tuesday, in Snohomish. (Olivia Vanni / The Herald)

Jake Martinez-Torralba, left, smiles while and Evelyn Ward, right, does her best impression of a turkey at Central Primary School on Tuesday, in Snohomish. (Olivia Vanni / The Herald)

Piping-hot Thanksgiving takes: Snohomish elementary kids talk turkey

“The pilgrims made Thanksgiving. I know that because we read books.” Read on for more lessons from Snohomish students age 5 to 7.

SNOHOMISH — Apparently, we all missed Thanksgiving by two months. At least, that’s according to 5-year-old Chelsea at Central Emerson School in Snohomish.

In other breaking news, the time-honored tradition of a turkey feast is out. Pizza is in, Chelsea confirmed. But her peer Adrian countered with a different main course must-have: turkey cake. According to Adrian, it is a new vegetable-cupcake crossover.

These Earth-shattering revelations necessitated some further digging, and eight students at Central Emerson were kind enough to share their piping-hot Thanksgiving takes, interviewing in pairs. So get your pens and notepads out! It may just be time to modernize your Thanksgiving traditions.

First, what is Thanksgiving?

Mateo, 7: The pilgrims made Thanksgiving. I know that because we read books. Oh! And there’s cranberries.

Nicolette, 6: It’s a time when your family gets together and has fun. And there’s a giant table covered in food.

Adrian, 7: It’s Thanksgiving! I like to be with my parents.

Ellis, 7: Thanksgiving is when you celebrate what you’re thankful for.

Kasen, 6: It’s when you celebrate all the good stuff you have in your life.

Chelsea, 5: It’s all for your grandparents.

Evelyn, 6: It’s a big feast. … With all your friends and family!

Jake, 5: It’s paint. Yeah, and we use the brown paint on our hands to make the turkey.

What should people do on Thanksgiving?

Mateo: Go to grandma’s house. Grandma’s food is yummy.

Nicolette: I’m just remembering that sometimes when I was really little I cooked — I made — peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Adrian: Go fishing! I like to fish with my family on Thanksgiving.

Ellis: Probably travel around the world. Maybe to like Alaska or something.

Kasen: Celebrate! And play.

Chelsea: Play with dolls. Yeah, baby dolls.

Evelyn: Probably paint some turkeys.

Jake: Yes! Paint turkeys.

What is the yummiest Thanksgiving food to have?

Mateo: Turkey! (Impersonates a gobble.)

Nicolette: I actually never go, so I don’t know much.

Adrian: Everyone should eat turkey cake! It tastes like vegetables but it has cupcakes. My favorite Thanksgiving food is cupcakes.

Ellis: Mashed potatoes. (Pats stomach.)

Kasen: Pumpkin pie. A big pumpkin pie.

Chelsea: A pizza. Not turkey. Or burgers.

Evelyn: Turkey!

Jake: No. Not turkey. Ice cream! I like ice cream.

What is the yuckiest Thanksgiving food?

Mateo: Nothing! I like everything my grandma makes. Grandmas make good food because pilgrim girls did, too.

Adrian: Salad. And vegetables! Because I am allergic to vegetables. My parents make me eat them, but I’m allergic.

Ellis: Gravy! Yuck!

Kasen: Pumpkin pie — smashed in ice cream! (Laughs.)

Chelsea: Poop. (Laughs uncontrollably.)

Evelyn: Salad! That’s so yucky.

Jake: All. I like the ice cream.

Who would you invite to Thanksgiving?

Mateo: Every person I know!

Nicolette: I would invite a boy and a girl turkey and wait for them to be a couple. And then I would wait for eggs. And then we would eat the mommy and daddy for dinner. And then I would wait for the eggs to grow up, and we would have so much turkey.

Adrian: All my friends.

Ellis: My family.

Kasen: Everybody! Not in the whole world, but everybody I know.

Chelsea: My cousin. We live close.

If a turkey could speak English, what would it say?

Mateo: Please don’t take me home and cook me and eat me for Thanksgiving day.

Nicolette: Don’t eat me! Eat something else!

Adrian: This is all my school! I’m in charge!

Ellis: Don’t eat me!

Kasen: Would you like to eat me for Thanksgiving?

Chelsea: Gobble gobble!

When was the first Thanksgiving?

Mateo: We read about this. It’s the pilgrims.

Nicolette: I never know.

Adrian: Probably on the first day of school. Of this year.

Ellis: Oh, I do not know.

Kasen: Um, 200 years ago?

Chelsea: In September probably. Yeah, back in September.

Evelyn: When the pilgrims came. Probably thousands of years ago.

Jake: Yes, for sure, thousands of years ago.

What are you thankful for?

Mateo: The turkey! And grandma.

Nicolette: Well, actually, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. So I know nothing. Nothing. But I’m thankful for my parents.

Adrian: I’m thankful for my parents.

Ellis: For my house and my parents.

Kasen: Thankful for my family.

Chelsea: My Dad.

Evelyn: I’m thankful for my family. And everything around them.

Jake: I’m thankful for my family, too!

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