A bipartisan tax bill would have better chance of survival

I don’t think a lot of Americans realize what’s happening to this country. The “my way or the highway” mindset among so many of us is threatening to reduce us into a second class nation.

The recently passed tax bill is a perfect example. Republicans own it now because they have the majority. A bipartisan bill would have been much better for America for the simple reason that a bipartisan bill is almost always a better bill. Now, when Democrats take back control of the power in Washington, D.C., and they will again, they will spend valuable time undoing what never should have become law in the first place.

For example, why does it make sense for investors to be allowed to shield income from “pass through accounts” on certain types of investments so that they pay far less than the tax they have to pay on ordinary income?

The world, including those in Congress who passed that provision of the tax cuts, knows it won’t survive the next administration change, but did it because their financial sugar daddies insisted on being rewarded or the campaign donations would quit flowing.

There’s plenty more in the tax bill that’s wrong and anything good is short term by design, but I use this example to point out the utter waste of time and futility of of having a one-party rule. It should never happen and we will ALL suffer for it, Republican or Democrat, far right or far left, or anywhere in between.

And were doing it to ourselves by not knowing the issues for starters and then voting without that knowledge, if we vote at all.

Kyle Curtis


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