Always stand by our dedicated soldiers

We have all seen Internet pictures of soldiers sleeping in mud ditches or covered with sand while sleeping. We’ve seen movies of limping or wounded soldiers walking home from the Civil War or the telegraphs announcing their loved one is not coming home. Have you ever just once given any thought past the headlines of the real horrors our soldiers went through? Close your eyes and picture heat and humidity so high you can’t see because of sweat. Picture going to the latrines to find life in there, or sleeping in full combat gear so painful you bleed. We’ve seen Vietnam movies of walking through the rivers but did they tell you they had to pull suckers off their skin bleeding?

My fears would be of snakes and heat. Well, in Iraq and Vietnam both were and are so horrific, yet, many request a second tour of duty. Where would we be without our 20-year-olds who have the stamina we lack? We don’t need to worry about their generation, we should be by their side.

Grace Hofer


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