Bible’s references to abortion are pretty vague

A recent letter to the editor claimed the Bible directly refers to the unborn. But the scriptural quotes that were given as proof did not have the word ‘unborn’ or any similar word in them. The Biblical quotes only made vague references to a physical knitting and the knowing (by God) of the actual person that the physical body was being prepared for.

Barbara Bush (a notable conservative) believed that the souls of her children entered them as she gave birth to them. She gave birth to a few children and I believe enough to recollect upon the experience.

This issue is still debated on both the left and the right. I have talked to many conservatives that wish the Republican party had never waded into this issue. Democrats, similarly, think this is not a comfortable issue. My only point is that it is unfair to label liberals as baby killers if many conservatives and even some Christians are still unsure how they view the subject. My own point of view is that if you don’t believe in abortion, don’t have one.

If you have made up your mind and this not a debatable subject please, don’t paint yourself into a spiritual corner. Your shortcomings might be viewed similarly by the Ultimate Judge.

Thomas Robert


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