Biden needs to keep goals moderate, reasonable

Having won the presidential election, Democrats are now declaring that they have a “mandate” to implement massive tax hikes, the Green New Deal, and other far-left ideas that would crush the economic recovery. I do not believe that is what the vast majority of Americans voted for.

If it were then Democrats would have added to their House majority, taken over the Senate, and had a clear path to implement their agenda. People are sick of politics as usual and are looking for bipartisan, common sense solutions to the serious problems we face as a nation.

The number one issue is defeating the Covid-19 epidemic without wrecking the economy in the process. Everyone can agree on that. If President-elect Biden is serious about being a unifier, and can pull that off, then he will be well on his way to a successful presidency. Appeasing the far left base of the party may have been effective campaign strategy, but is not going to be a success in governing.

America is still a center-right country. i suggest that President-elect Biden write this down, and place it in a location where he can see it every day. “I won the nomination because I am not Bernie Sanders, and I won the election because I am not Donald Trump.” Keep that in mind and you will likely have a successful presidency.

Good luck, Joe. You are going to need it.

Steven Epple

Mill Creek

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